Does ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Introduce the Concept of an MCU Multiverse?

Multiverse in Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the topic of discussion among Marvel fans after the release of Avengers: Endgame.

While the tragic events of Endgame opened the doors of exteriors to the Earth, making us believe about the existence of the multiverse.

Now, the newly released Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home has something to say about the existence of the multiverse.

Mysterio Introduces Multiverse in MCU?

Spider-Man: Far From Home introduces new characters from the comic world to the cinematic world which includes Mysterio, Elementals.

Mysterio is the first character in MCU who brought the concept of multiple parallel universes, though we got an idea of this in earlier movies no one did clearly talked about it.

The multiverse concept clearly directs towards the existence of different Earth at the same time and even can interact.

The revelation sets up a multitude of possibilities with the surprise appearance of characters in the film.

While the second trailer of Spider-Man: Far From home introduces Mysterio in the movie, his character arc remains hidden.

Some fans call him a liar, as we saw in comics, some says he is a villain well known for his miraculous tricks.

In the film, he admits that he had come from a parallel universe, Earth 616 while chasing Elementals.

His place of living was the same as that of Earth, but with some different characters like Elementals.

Like in comics, Mysterio proved to be a big fat liar in the Far From Home. He faked everything he said, he is not from any another dimension.

Earlier he used to be a part of Stark Industries with some impressive tech.

He is responsible for the holographic technology that led to BARF, which we saw demonstrated in Captain America: Civil War.

Quentin Beck aka Mysterio wasn’t happy with Stark who renamed his “life’s work.” After Tony’s sacrificial death, he planned to become the world’s greatest superhero and replace Iron Man.

All Elementals were created by Beck with his holographic technology.

He used weaponized drones which were created by William Ginter Riva in order to bring destruction in real life.

Beck and his fellow Guntir made everyone believe that they are from another Earth-833 was a part of the cover story, created for their Elementals ruse.

It looks like Marvel is bringing the comic version of the multiverse into the MCU.


That means everything Mysterio claimed – the existence of parallel Earth includes 833, the MCU being Earth-616, and the impact of the snap – is false. However, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a Multiverse.

Perhaps during Beck’s time working at Stark Industries, he stumbled upon some of Dr. Erik Selvig’s research and gave this to Guterman.

Back in Thor: The Dark World,  Dr. Erik Selvig was seen jotting notes about the Multiverse on a chalkboard and wrote “616 universes”. It might be the inspiration for Guterman.

After that in Thor: Ragnarok, a Grandmaster’s Tower was featured. It was revealed that a former Marvel character had been a champion of Grandmaster. In the comics, the Man-Thing is the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, a powerful being strongly associated with the Multiverse.

Recently released, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse wasn’t a part of MCU but still, traces of the existence of multiverse can be seen here also.

Holland even revealed that he was supposed to have a cameo in Spider-Verse as well, cinching the idea of the multiverse that includes the MCU.

Right now, Spider-Man far from home is in theaters and storming box office like a hell.

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