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Down The Rabbit Hole – A Story of the Son of a Criminal

down the rabbit hole

Manolo Caro opposes glorifying drug violence in movies, but he acknowledges the importance of addressing a related issue: the children of those involved in drug trafficking. These children suffer greatly, are often orphaned, and live in fear, which is why he created the film “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

Caro emphasizes the need for society to see beyond the glamour of drug trafficking and recognize the harsh reality faced by these children. While movies often focus on the wealth and luxury associated with the drug trade, it’s crucial to shed light on the innocent victims who grow up amidst violence and instability. By raising awareness of this overlooked aspect, Caro hopes to contribute to a more balanced understanding of the impact of drug trafficking on society.

Down The Rabbit Hole Serves as An Adaptation

The movie is adapted from the Mexican book called “Party in the Burrow” written by Juan Pablo Villalobos. It follows the story of Tochtli, a young boy who lives in a grand mansion and has a fascination with hats, samurais, and extravagant gifts from his father, Yolcaut. Tochtli even has his own private zoo, but he’s sheltered from the outside world and doesn’t understand where all these luxuries come from.

The cast includes Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Miguel Valverde Uribe, Teresa Ruiz, Mercedes Hernández, and Raúl Briones. They all stress the importance of addressing childhood in stories like this. They believe it’s crucial to focus on this pivotal stage of life because many children are neglected. In the film, we see a father and son struggling to connect, using questionable methods. The actors feel we need to build more compassionate and loving relationships between generations to reduce conflict.

Where To Watch?

Down The Rabbit Hole is now officially streaming on Netflix.

The official synopsis read:

“Immersed in opulence and culture, ten-year-old Tochtli revels in his eccentricities, from his love of hats and dictionaries to his fascination with samurais, guillotines, and all things French. Despite his lavish lifestyle, darkness looms over him due to his father’s criminal pursuits. Yet, Yolcaut, portrayed by Manuel García Rulfo (renowned for his role as lawyer Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer), indulges his son’s every whim, even if it means acquiring an endangered Namibian hippo for his private zoo.”

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