Dr. Stone Chapter 216: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

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As the Final Arc is underway, our science team is getting more innovative with their inventions and the story is getting crazier with each chapter. Senku is getting ready to start his expedition although there was a slight setback in the previous chapter. We’ll hopefully get to see the creation of a flawless satellite in the upcoming chapter, i.e, Dr. Stone Chapter 216.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the upcoming chapter then read on!

When will Dr. Stone Chapter 216 be released?

A new episode is usually released every Saturday on all official platforms. Following this weekly schedule, we can expect Dr. Stone Chapter 216 to be released on 31st October 2021.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 215 Recap

Here’s a breakdown of what happened in the previous chapter of Dr. Stone. 

Senku explained to his friends the working of a satellite and why it was better than the other telescopes. He further explained how he intended to utilize the sun’s energy for powering it. For this purpose, he had collected all the materials required to make his own solar panels.

Dr. Stone Chapter 216 Senku's First Rocket Launch Fail

The solar panels will provide continuous energy for the satellite because there are no obstructions of the Sun in space. The launchpad was ready, the rocket’s body was obtained and with the help of Xeno, the rocket’s engine was also acquired. With this, all the preparations were completed and the first test launch was ready.


However, to the excitement of all the bystanders, the launch failed and the rocket flipped itself towards the sea. On closer inspection, the fault was discovered in the thermal insulation which had corroded by the gas causing a hole in the nozzle. 

After the first failed launch, it was followed by successive failed launches. One time it was caused by faulty wiring and another time due to air bubbles in the vaporized fuel. Our science team kept learning from their mistakes and kept improving their design. After working on the rocket for several years, with an unbroken spirit, Senku, and Xeno smiled as they neared the perfect rocketship. 

What to expect in Dr. Stone Chapter 216

Senku and Xeno are working hard towards building a fully functioning rocket. After facing multiple setbacks, the duo is learning from their mistakes and is nearing their perfect rocketship. The upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone may finally reveal the creation of a working satellite and we may get to see the successful launch of the rocket. Considering all the crazy inventions Senku has come up with in the past, the beginning of his expedition to the moon may come sooner than we think.

Dr. Stone Chapter 216 Senku And Xeno


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Where to read Dr. Stone Online

Fans can access the official version of Dr. Stone from Viz Media and Manga Plus

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