Dr Stone Chapter 218 Release Date and Spoilers!

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Here’s everything you need to know about Dr Stone Chapter 218.

Dr Stone Chapter 218 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on November 14, 2021. Every Dr Stone chapter is set to get released on a weekly basis. 

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Dr Stone Chapter 217 Recap

The crew feels relieved to have located that individual with the secrets to petrification on the Moon’s surface. The crew had sent a satellite and purchased a telescope to see things on the Moon. 

Senku, Xeno, and the others are looking forward to meeting that enigmatic guy.

They’re coming for him and Kohaku tells Senku that they won’t give him time to resist because they’ll outstrike him. 

Dr. Stone Senku and Gen

Senku is pleased to hear this and warns Kohaku that they will be terrified using a one-way rocket. Chrome is working on something while Senku and the others discuss the Moon’s preparations. Kaseki and Francoise discussed the possibility of constructing a rocket that they could ride.

Chrome believes he has had his epiphany since he has devised methods for everyone to survive. He still believes that a two-way rocket is a viable answer, and that science will enable it. 

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With Suika’s help, Chrome organised a Mega Science Conference and invited everyone to attend. The post Rookie Scientist vs. Super Scientist caught Senku and Dr. Xeno off guard. Chrome informed the two that they had agreed to their mad one-way rocket death trip.

Dr. Stone Chapter 213

Senku argues why building a two-way rocket will be difficult because they will have to start from the ground up. According to Dr. Xeno, a two-way rocket could have five times more catastrophic consequences than a one-way rocket.

Where To Read

You can read the latest chapters of Dr Stone on Viz Media and MangaPlus. Dr Stone Chapter 218, 217, and 216 will be available for free online on Viz Media. 


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