Kingdom Chapter 699 Release Date And Spoilers


The previous release was packed with a really good chapter. The King Ei Sei and Kanki finally have their confrontation and Kanki’s arrogant behavior is quite surprising as he claims to not remember the reason for why he went ahead with the massacre. Things are getting very heated right now between the two as Kanki outright challenges Sei at the end of the chapter. With the way the last chapter ended, we wonder what’s in store for Kingdom Chapter 699. Head down below to find out all the information we have about the upcoming release. 

Kingdom Chapter 699 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 699 is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 14th, 2021. 

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 698

In Chapter 698, we see how Kanki reacts when the King arrives at the front lines and confronts him. We previously speculated that he may come up with a decent reason for why he did what he did but this is not the case. Kanki instead refuses to talk and attributes the massacre to simply a personal urge. 

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Kingdom Chapter 699

To this, Sei replies that the laws of war don’t look kindly on killing prisoners of war and that even generals like Kanki are not exempt from these laws. He also adds that the number of people Kanki annihilated is too much that it is inexcusable at this point. 

We see that Sei is trying to offer Kanki a way out and a chance to explain himself but Kanki seems to just not be bothered. This leaves Sei no choice and he orders Kanki’s execution. But this act is stopped by Maron who frantically tries to appease Sei and says that they had a good reason for killing the prisoners. 

Maron explains their situation by saying that there was a possibility that the Kochou army could rally some support and fight back. It was already a miracle enough that the Kanki army was able to defeat the Kochou army in the first place as their military strength overwhelmingly surpassed Kanki’s army. So since they lied about extra reinforcements on the way, they feared that their lie would soon be caught and a revolt would take place. 


The captured number of soldiers was also much more than they had anticipated. So this is how they ended up making the decision to remove the prisoners from the equation. Even so, Sei remains livid as he thinks they could have avoided this disaster and to this, Kanki laughs and points out Sei’s hypocrisy at the end of the chapter. 

Kingdom Chapter 699

According to Kanki, Sei has much more bloodshed on his lands as he’s the one who started the invasion. He probably is of the belief that since Sei is bent on achieving the unification of China, he should know better that some lives will have to be compromised along the way to fulfill the greater good. 

What are Some Expectations for Kingdom Chapter 699? 

The previous chapter was certainly an interesting one and this makes us wonder what will happen next. Is Kanki’s intention to test Sei and perhaps try to teach him about the realities of war?

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Sei is certainly not naive about the situation at all, he knows that bloodshed to achieve his unification goal is inevitable but he’s angry that the number of deaths Kanki caused has gone beyond their control. 

In Chapter 699, we can expect their interesting conversation to continue again. What will Kanki’s punishment be? Now that Sei has heard Maron’s explanation, he may let Kanki go and cancel the execution order. 

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 699 online? 

There are no legal sources to read the series from. You can access it here


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