Blue Period Episode 8 Release Date and Spoilers!


Here’s everything you need to know about Blue Period Episode 8.

Blue Period Episode 8 Release Date

The upcoming Blue Period chapter will be getting released on the 14th of November 2021. Each new episode gets released after a gap of one week. 

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Blue Period Episode 7 Recap

The realm of art is gradually devolving into a ferocious competition. The students are in a state of upheaval with exams set to commence soon. The pupils have been assigned the task of creating a self-portrait in the first test. 

While the technical aspects of this project were straightforward, several students struggled to choose a specific topic of what to paint. The prep school pupils were notified in Blue Period Episode 6 that their first assessments would begin soon. 

Blue Period Episode 7

Yatora returned to his former school to meet with his art teacher. This teacher had been instrumental in encouraging him to participate in an art course. He gave Yatora some advice on how he could make his paintings better by making it bigger. 


Since the beginning, both Ryuji and Yuka have struggled with their identities. As a result, they were undecided throughout the assessment. The broadcast ended without seeing the pupils’ cheated final products.

Blue Period Episode 8 Spoilers

In Blue Period Episode 8, Fans will finally see the masterpieces that the students generated in the examination in the forthcoming episode of Blue Period. Yatora, who has identity concerns as well, remained calm during the test.


In contrast, in the preview, we saw that Ryuji and Yuka were struggling to paint the complexity of themselves on the canvas. 



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