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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85

Here’s everything you would want to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83.

About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super’s narrative follows Goku and his friends through a ten-year time leap following Majin Buu’s defeat. It follows on from the events detailed in the main Dragon Ball Super manga.

Granolah the Survivor Saga is a Dragon Ball Super vengeance narrative about Granolah, the lone survivor of the Cerealian race whose main objective is to kill Frieza and avenge his race’s annihilation.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 Recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83

We watched the long-awaited confrontation between Bardock and Gas in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82. Goku reminisces on his traumatic history and his parents’ love for him. On one of those flashbacks, the Saiyan recalls how his father and mother abandoned him in a foreign realm.

He remembered what Bardock had said to him when he had sent his child away:

“Survive at any costs.”

The fight between Bardock and Gas is now over. Bardock has reconnected with Monaito and Granolah. Gas, on the other hand, learns how to make things difficult for Bardock while still attempting to do tasks quickly because he does not want to disappoint Elec on this planet. One thing is certain: Bardock will triumph over Gas.

We saw Monaka, the red alien that won a competition against Hit. He is able to use concrete to stop Gas, but the conflict between Goku and the “Strongest Warrior in the Universe” is far from over. More of Monaka’s fight with Gas was revealed. The Universe 7 warrior is popularly regarded as a humorous relief figure who won his tournament bout against Hit despite being hurt by the onslaught.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 SpoilersDragon Ball Super Chapter 83

The raw scans for the next chapter are generally published a week or two before the official publication date. They are frequently released on DBS Chronicles, a Twitter account that posts legitimate spoilers. We’ll keep you updated when they become available.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 is scheduled to get released on the 20th of April 2022. Every new chapter of Dragon Ball Super gets released on a monthly basis. The release timings can differ widely based on whatever region and/or time zone you belong to.

Where To Read

You can catch all the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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