Eleceed Chapter 173 Release Date and Spoilers: Kayden’s Powers

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Here’s everything (release date and spoilers) you need to know about Eleceed Chapter 173.

Eleceed Chapter 173 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 173 will get released on December 22, 2021. A new chapter of Eleceed gets released every Wednesday. Sometimes, three chapters get released at one go too.

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Eleceed Chapter 172 Recap

The duel between Jiwoo and Julian has officially been set. Kayden and Jiyoung will train Jiwoo in the following chapter to make him stronger for the fight.

Jiwoo had previously defeated opponents stronger than himself, but things won’t be the same this time. Jiwoo’s opponent this time is someone who has the potential to get ranked in the top 100 in the world.

Eleceed Chapter 164 Jiwoo And Kaydan

Though Jiwoo is aware that this fight will not be simple, he decided to go ahead with the challenge anyhow. Kayden has always battled, regardless of the opponent. That’s probably why Jiwoo wishes to continue on his heritage.

Kayden’s Abilities

Kayden is famed for being one of the most powerful awakened individuals. Also, he doesn’t owe his loyalty to any group. He was forced to shift into a cat due to his severe injuries and the necessity to conceal while he healed.

However, he has one disadvantage. He can only retain his human form by expanding his energy. His primary power is Electrokinesis. But he also morphs into a cat and performs Spatial Isolation.

Eleceed Kaydan Break


Eleceed Chapter 173 Spoilers

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Julian Patrick is different than any opponents Jiwoo has fought previously. We all thought the students from the world rankers academy would be the toughest opponents Jiwoo would have faced for a while.

Unfortunately, a monster will change the power balance in their world. The fight date will happen next month.


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