Bleach: All The Kenpachi Ranked By Strength

Unohana gets impaled by Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi is a highly prestigious title used in the Bleach series. However, one can obtain this title only through winning a battle and bloodshed

Here is the list of all the Kenpachis ranked by their strength.

Kenpachi Zaraki

He is the current captain of Gotei 13’s eleventh Division. Moreover, he holds the eleventh Kenpachi position.

Kenpachi Zaraki Bleach: All The Kenpachi Ranked By Strength

Despite being a master swordsman, Zaraki has proven dangerous while being barehanded in a brawl multiple times. Further, his physical strength is so vast that he once effortlessly carried three full-grown human corpses on his shoulders.

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Soya Azashiro

Soya Azashiro won the title of eighth Kenpachi after killing his predecessor, Kuruyashiki.

Souya Azashiro I Bleach: All The Kenpachi Ranked By Strength

Besides that, he has an immense amount of spiritual power and was assumed to be a threat to the Soul Society. Subsequently, he is skilled in Kido and can cast high-level Hado spells at once if his Zanpakutō’s powers are combined.

Yachiru Unohana

She was the first person to wield the title of ‘Kenpachi.’

Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana I Bleach: All The Kenpachi Ranked By Strength

Furthermore, she is deemed to be the most proficient healer in the Soul Society. She was one of the oldest captains and hence had advanced knowledge of Kido as well as Kaido. Also, her swordsmanship is considered to be superior to the combat skills of Zaraki.

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Kenpachi Kuruyashiki

kuruyashikiI Bleach: All The Kenpachi Ranked By Strength

He held the position of the seventh Kenpachi, until his successor, Soya Azashiro ended up murdering him.

Additionally, he specialized in swordsmanship. Kuruyashiki was capable enough to take down his predecessor as well as defeat his opponents for hundreds of years.

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Kenpachi Kiganjo

He was the tenth Kenpachi in the Bleach series. Moreover, he was a highly capable swordsman. In addition, he possessed a massive amount of spiritual power noting that he was the captain of the Gotei 13.

Kenpachi Kiganjo Bleach: All The Kenpachi Ranked By Strength

However, the identity of Kiganjo’s Shikai and Bankai remains unknown. But we are certain that his Zanpakuto had a black big ring inlaid with gold on the end.

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