Eleceed: Will There Be An Anime Adaptation?

Eleceed Anime

Fans are demanding an anime adaptation of the extremely popular Korean manhwa series, Eleceed. The question that many fans have in mind is whether there will be an Eleceed anime anytime soon, and if so, when can we expect it? Well, if you’re curious as well then read on as this article will talk about all possible options; estimated release date, cast, and more!

There are dozens of Webtoons available online, but Eleceed stands out because of its unique tale, in which the worlds strongest Awakened transforms into a cat and aids a newly awakened one in reaching their full potential.

“It’s the best thing online,” said numerous Eleceed webtoon fans throughout the world. “It’s comedy coupled with awesome action.”

If you haven’t already done so, we strongly advise you to read Eleceed manhwa.

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The year 2021 has been the year of webtoons, as we’ve seen anime adaptations of Tower Of God and The God Of High School, both of which have been great hits.

This has paved the way for the rest of the popular manhwas, and we believe Eleceed is on the top of that list.


The fat cat and Jiwoo pair will undoubtedly be a smash on the big screen, which is why we eagerly await the news of Eleceed’s anime adaptation.

Will it, however, take place? Will the Eleceed Season 1 anime ever be released, or will we have to read the webtoon for the rest of our lives?

When Will The Eleceed Anime Be Released

Son Jeho, the author of Noblesse, and Kim Hye-Jin, the artist of Girls of the Wilds, collaborated on the Eleceed webtoon.

Eleceed Jiwoo

Eleceed manhwa has over a million readers and a 9.93 rating on the official webtoon app. There have been almost 150 chapters posted thus far, and we are just halfway through the novel. With a popular webtoon like this, there’s always the possibility of an anime adaptation.

According to unofficial sources and online talk, behind-the-scenes work on an Eleceed Season 1 anime adaptation is already underway. Eleceed anime is expected to be announced in 2022 if everything goes according to plan. Season 1 of Eleceed will most likely contain 12 episodes.

Perhaps Warner Bros. Japan or Telecom Animation Film will produce the animation, or perhaps it will be published as a Netflix Original series.

What To Expect In Eleceed Anime

We are yet to see a trailer for the Eleceed anime since there has been no official announcement of an anime adaptation to date. Once the anime adaptation is confirmed, we will definitely get to see a trailer shared on the internet.

Meanwhile, let us take a look at the Eleceed anime’s storyline and some probable characters we may see in the first season.

Eleeced Anime Charachter List

Here is a list of some of the characters we may encounter in the first season of Eleceed Anime.

  • Jiwoo, the Protagonist of the story.
  • Kaydan, the Deuteragonist who is also Jiwoo’s cat and mentor in the story.
  • Wooin
  • Jisuk Yoo
  • Jiyoung Yoo
  • Inhyuk Goo
  • Chairman Lee
  • Seongik Han
  • Miyoung Ko
  • Iseul Ju
  • Subin Lee
  • Seongha Park

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Eleceed Kaydan Break

Eleceed Anime Plot

Eleceed is a fantasy action-based Korean manhwa written by Son Jae Ho and visuals by ZHENA. The story follows a young man called Jiwoo who stumbles upon an injured cat one day. The cat was no ordinary cat though. It was later revealed to be Kaydan Break, one of the strongest Awakeners in the world. 

With Kaydan taking on Jiwoo as his first-ever apprentice, they fight together to take out the forces of evil that rule the world. The webtoon is action-packed and entertaining, and we can fully expect an anime adaptation to be announced very soon!

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