Eternals: Movie Will Have Both Intimacy and Action


Marvel is known for many things, and one among them is the good work environment it creates for its stars and crew.

Big Year Ahead

With Marvel gearing up for its biggest year yet, a lot of new information is going around now that most of the promotion work for phase 4 has started.

Eternals Director Chloé Zhao is making sure the movie is up to the expectation and knows very well how to handle the star power in the cast.

While she is doing everything she can to make Eternals one of the best MCU solo movies, it looks like it might as well happen that way as there is already Oscar buzz going around.

Oscar not too far fetched?

With the cast like that and with Zhao’s experience, it doesn’t look too far. While most of these big studios always have problems between the president and the directors or some higher authority, Marvel either is good at hiding those flaws or as fans believe they are the best on-screen and off-screen.

If What Zhao claims are any indication, we would have to put the cover-up theories on hold. When Zhao was asked about the movie in an interview recently, she spoke about how Kevin Feige and the executive producer Nate had helped her throughout the process.

Best of both worlds


According to Zhao, they both made it possible for her to keep the movie both with scope and scale, and many superhero movies fail to deliver intimacy. While we know Marvel never fails to satisfy its audience, it’s evident from this that that is possible only when the higher-ups cooperate with the directors and writers to make it possible.

“I think that Marvel has been so incredible, that Kevin and Nate and the whole team, they knew from the moment I pitched the film, I really wanted to [have], you know, the scope and scale, and, at the same time, the intimacy. They knew I enjoyed both, and they have been so incredible holding my hand through the entire process of allowing me to go as far as possible and as small as possible, and how that fits into the whole MCU. It’s been a pretty incredible process; you have to wait and see.”

With top Hollywood actors already in the cast of Eternals, it’s no doubt that this movie will also excite non-Marvel fans. Even though we have no idea what will be the plot of the film, we know for sure we will get a glimpse of Earth way before the current timeline of MCU.

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