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Tom Holland Says; Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Is Nothing Compared To Movie


After the long-anticipated trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home was released, the internet and social networks were filled with memes, theories, and edits, but above all, with reactions. Even Tom Holland, star of the Spider-Man movie trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, commented on the reveal.

The actor confirmed that the promotional trailer was only the tip of the iceberg. We have no idea what is coming, which confirms that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures saved inevitable surprises for later.

Tom Holland published this video on his Instagram story, which you just saw. It appears that he was in an airport and have just landed from the 10 hours of flight through somewhere when the trailer was released. Also.

He didn’t even saw the promotional trailer, but when it was released, he received millions of notifications, messages, and alerts on his smartphone from followers, fellow actors, and fans of the MCU. Of course, they are congratulating him on his big premiere of the Spider-Man No Way Home teaser trailer.

He took the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported him in all these years, particularly today because there are only four months until the launch of his third film.

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