Everything We Learned in Our Latest Look at Avengers: Endgame Trailer

The second trailer for Avengers: Endgame is finally out. The trailer gives us a lot of info regarding our broken and scattered Avengers. The trailer also gives us a quick look at Marvels recent box office queen Captain Marvel.

In this trailer, the directors have added clips of the past. This could be a great strategy to cover up the real climax scenes of the movie. On the other hand, this could also be a hint towards a time skip/travel plan. If this happens then the rumors about some extra scenes from 1st Avengers movie are real.

The trailer begins with Tony recording his final words as they run out of food and air. He says, “God, seems like a thousand years ago…. I fought my way out of that cave, became Iron Man… realized I love you.” All of this is followed by flashbacks from Iron Man 1 and 2.

The explanation of how Tony got gets back to earth from the Benatars ship is unknown. Captain Marvel came to Fury’s call in an instant, it’s merely impossible that she could’ve spared some time for Tony.

The trailer continues with flashbacks from The First Avenger. Steve recalls Peggy Carter’s message to him, “The world has changed and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best. And sometimes, the best that we can do is to start over.” The trailer also recalls Peggy’s death during Captain America: Civil War.

Peggy’s quote continues as we see Hawkey training a girl who’s probably his daughter. This scene could be hinting towards that Hawkey lost his family when Thanos snapped his fingers.

We can also expect the sudden disappearance of Hawkey and reappearance as Ronin. In another part of the trailer, we can see Ronin and Black Widow holding hands and later in a Quinjet flying over Tokyo.

The trailer then moves towards Thor and how he lost his father and then Asgard. From what we heard in the trailer Thor blames himself for whatever has happened. Thor says that he saw everyone die. Maybe all of this really could’ve been avoided if he had aimed for the head. And all of this is followed by clips of half of the Avengers dying in Infinity War.

The next scenes of the trailer finally show us more glimpse of Endgame. We can see Natasha, Steve & Bruce at Avengers HQ talking if there’s a chance for them to undo what Thanos did, they should take it.

We then see Scott (Ant-Man who survived the snap while being in the quantum realm), Rocket, War Machine, Thor, Nebula and Steve in an unclear action scene. This action scene could actually be the final fight between the Avengers and Thanos. Judging by the surrounding and sky color, we can say that this scene isn’t happening on Earth.

Some of the other noticeable things in the trailer were Ronin’s new haircut as he converses with Steve. The other main goosebumps moments was finally seeing most of the Avengers together all suited up for the fight.

The final scene of the trailer gave us the first official look at Captain Marvel at Avengers HQ. Based on what Thor said, yes we like her too. Although we still have to wait a while to see the next trailer which probably arrives just before the movie’s release on April 26, 2019.

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