Everything You Need To Know About Nick Fury’s New Secret Organisation SWORD


SWORD, an organization that monitors alien threats to Earth, is officially coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are rumours that MCU will establish SWORD, “Sentient World Observation and Response Department” from Comics.

The post-credits scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home has revealed that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are working with Skrulls to set up an unknown organization, and a very reasonable guess could be SWORD.

But what is SWORD, and what can audiences expect when they debut the MCU?

SHIELD Deals With Domestic Threats – SWORD With Extraterrestrial Ones

Because they are dealing with a myriad of people who can easily wipe out the Earth, they are not too concerned with matters of morality but, instead, take a pragmatic approach. As one of their agents noted, they make Nick Fury’s SHIELD look like boy scouts.

Captain Marvel Prop Prototype Includes a Reference to SWORD in the MCU
Captain Marvel Prop Prototype Includes a Reference to SWORD in the MCU

SWORD is usually run by Commander Abigail Brand, a woman of mixed heritage with a mutated gene. She drives a tight ship, and she has carefully planted key agents along with any superhero team she believes could be involved in alien affairs. SWORD’s plant in X-Men is Kitty Pride’s alien dragon Lockheed, who monitors their activities and reports to the Brand whenever needed. They have an especially tense relationship with the X-Men.

Alpha Flight has Replaced SWORD


SWORD has not been seen in the comics since the 2015 Secret Wars, which recreated Marvel Multiverse. Modern equivalent seems to be an alpha flight space program run by Captain Marvel. Abigail Brand is one of Carol Danvers’ direct reports. Alpha Flight operates in a different way than SWORD, with Danvers utilizing major superhero assets to serve as the forefront of the galaxy’s conflict.

Key Members Of SWORD In The Comics

As noted, Abigail Brand is the main SWORD agent for comics. She was chosen for her role due to her advanced knowledge of galactic affairs, although the United Nations did not realize that she was truly a mutant. The two closest agents of the Abigail brand are Lockheed, a small alien dragon who often hangs out with Kitty Pryde and a former lover- Beast of X-Men fame.


The Brand’s strategic advisor, Sydren, is an alien born from the planet Drinks. He is a relatively powerful telepath, yet he has a tendency to blindly articulate himself. Another important asset is K’eel R’kt, a Skrull science officer who helped save the Earth as a monster race called the Builders wrecked the galaxy. The Brand also planted a mole in Avenger Jessica Drew in the superhero Spider-Woman.

Of course, the SWORD version of the MCU may be a mix of the comic book and Captain Marvel’s Alpha Flight Space program; In fact, it makes sense to look at the history between Nick Fury and Carol Danvers.

captain marvel
Captain Marvel


It will be fascinating to see how Marvel sets up the SWORD for the MCU. One major difference is that in comics, SWORD and SHIELD exist simultaneously, which means they have different remits. However, at MCU, the Shield had effectively dissolved following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when the world came to know that they had been compromised by Hydra.

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