Fire Force Chapter 297 Release Date and Speculations

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As The Evangelist i.e. Haumea lets her despair roar, Shinra finds himself in a tight spot. Along with that, the Earth is also covered in Adolla’s Black Flames depicting the desire of humans for agony. With the sole purpose of stopping her from destroying everything, Shinra must act soon. That said, Fire Force Chapter 297 is looking to be a great one yet again.

But where to read it and moreover, what’s the release date of the next chapter? Well, you came to the right place, here are all the details you need to buckle up for the upcoming chapter.

About Fire Force:

Fire Force is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. It is published by Kodansha and has been serializing in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine since September 2015. Also, there’s an anime adaptation for Fire Force too.

An anime television series adaptation by David Production aired from July to December 2019 on the Super Animeism block. Not to mention, the second season of the Fire Force anime television series is also animated by David Production too.  

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A Brief Recap of Fire Force Chapter 296:

The chapter begins on a very bleak note as we witness the Earth in the blanket of Adolla’s black flames. And in the very next panel, Haumea and Shinra are having a conversation about hope and despair. Furthermore, the holy woman proclaims how every human desires salvation only through despair.

shinra vs haumea fire force

Cut to the next few panels and Haumea attacks Shinra multiple times but it’s of no use. To her statement regarding ‘humans wanting despair’, Shinra argues that it’s our relationships with others that make life interesting. Additionally, he also expands upon the concept of fun and how it makes us more lively and happy.

But Haumea constantly disagrees with him and shows her the black flames that Earth is covered in. She puts her point of ‘mankind’s unconscious desire to despair’ and explains why hope is a fallacy. However, Shinra isn’t ready to take her baseless argument to his heart and strongly disagrees. 

shinra banshoman fire force

Seeing that there is no other option left, Haumea begins to connect herself with The Evangelist. And just so we all are on the same page, The Evangelist is nothing but the collective unconscious of humanity. As her soul leaves with her tears to transpire into a greater being, the Holy Woman of Despair is born. 

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

The upcoming chapter titled Hope’s Big Bang will focus on the battle between Shinra and The Evangelist. Also, the idea of hope and despair among humans might get explored more in Fire Force Chapter 297.

haumea crying fire force

Nonetheless, it’ll be quite ‘interesting’ to see how Shinra faces The Evangelist. Given his cool temperament, he can pull off a good fight and win the fight. But hey, anything can happen and we all are in for a ride.

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Fire Force Chapter 297 Release Date:

The release of Fire Force Chapter 297 is set for January 9, 2022. Most often, the new chapters are available on Sunday, though sometimes they arrive a day earlier.

Where can you read it?

Since it has no licensed digital release yet, fans can read the manga on the unofficial Fire Force website. 


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