Five Anime Remakes Better Than The Original

Here is everything you need to know about the five anime remakes better than the original.

JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureJoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The newest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure iteration is so well-liked that it far surpasses any concept of the previous 2012 “Phantom Blood” OVA. JoJo is a long story that spans generations, and the OVA creators had their work cut out for them trying to squeeze in every plot point, character, and bit of backstory necessary to tell the Phantom Blood arc.

The JoJo series not only fully fleshes out that arc, but it also covers most of the arcs thus far in the extensive classic manga series. The anime series is so expertly done that the JoJo fandom is bigger than it ever was previously.

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Blade Of The ImmortalBlade Of The Immortal

It can be difficult to revisit a classic story like Blade of the Immortal and do it justice. The new animation is just as elegant as the original, if not more. The new version isn’t just a cash grab; it leans into animation advances to make a beautiful, consistent art style.

Blade of the Immortal’s new version doesn’t shy away from the dark themes and violence in the source materia. Every scene really paints a picture of the historical samurai story, with the emotional beats hitting as hard as the action scenes.

Vampire Princess MiyuVampire Princess Miyu

There have been many revamps of classic anime over the last five-plus years. Vampire Princess Miyu is a 1997 series remake of the 1988 OVA. The series is so well-liked that it often eclipses the movie in fans’ minds.

The OVA paints Miyu as a childlike, manipulative character. The series adds more depth and maturity to the protagonist’s personality. Miyu isn’t overly flirtatious in the series, and she gives more consequence to her vampire state. Her internal conflict has far more nuance in the series.

Berserk: The Golden Age ArcBerserk: The Golden Age Arc

The original Berserk anime still stands on its own. The three-film series Berserk: The Golden Age revisits the world with stellar animation. Griffith shines in silver armor and blue-toned white-blonde hair like a true fallen angel, and Guts has his same larger-than-life character design.

The 1997 anime likewise covers the same arc as the Golden Age. Golden Age also serves as a prequel to the 2016 Berserk anime. All versions of Berserk have something worthwhile to offer the story and characterization. They’re worth watching in succession, even with the plot overlap.

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Sailor Moon CrystalSailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal avoids all the filler episodes that litter the original ’90s anime series. While filler episodes can be fun in their own right, Crystal’s tight pacing fully devotes itself to the original manga masterpiece.

Usagi and Mamoru have a far more believable romance in Crystal, erring away from the tsundere-tsundere back and forth. Crystal thankfully doesn’t fall victim to the censorship that plagued the ’90s English dub, either. The Crystal series continues with additional movies that explore the later Sailor Moon arcs.

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