Five Best Gorgeous Anime Besides Studio Ghibli Films

Not all anime have beautiful animation, but the ones that do leave fans so wonderstruck they remember it for years.

This is especially the case for Ghibli films, which are massively well-known for their masterful world-building and unique stories. As ingenious as Ghibli films are, we should also be willing to discover more anime with just as amazing animation and our list below is proof of that!

Made In Abyss


Made in Abyss is a web novel series that Kinema Citrus adapted into an anime. This is another series that focuses heavily on fantasy themes and the level of detailed work gone into the animation is super impressive.

The story revolves around the Abyss which is a large hole that the main characters end up exploring in the hopes of unveiling its secrets.

Wonder Egg Priority


Wonder Egg Priority is CloverWorks’ new anime. The animation is bright and stands in stark contrast with the anime’s dark themes, including the suicide of the main character Ai’s best friend, that happens before the show starts.

Characters are also portrayed with varying types of trauma and the scenes resemble something that would be featured in a blockbuster anime film as the animation quality is top notch.

Garden Of Words


Garden of Words is a less than one hour, short anime that portrays the gradually budding nature of love in the rainy season. It was created by CoMix Wave, a studio popular for its high grossing movies and beautiful animation that have taken the world of Japanese film industry by storm.

This anime is a raw and honest depiction of young adult love. It is a great choice for anime fans who wish to take a break from anime that is usually set in high-school.

Ancient Magus Bride


Wit Studio is the one in charge of this fantasy romance anime, Ancient Magus Bride. Based on a manga of the same name, the anime follows the story of Chise and Elias as they start living together and gradually fall in love.

The anime’s fantasy theme is the overarching central focus, with detailed creatures roaming around that look like a part of Spirited Away.

A Silent Voice


A Silent Voice is another anime produced by the popular stuudio CoMix Wave. The plot is influenced by the manga of the same name.

The story follows a young girl with a hearing impairment and a boy who used to bully her when she was younger. Catch this heartwarming film on how forgiveness and love intertwine and play out in life!

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