Five Noteworthy Anime From Studio Ufotable

Anime studios have a great hand in creating the industry’s biggest shows. Because of this, when an anime becomes popular, viewers immediately search for the studio behind it and check out other shows created by the studio.

Recently, Ufotable Studio has been under many anime fans’ radar because of hits such as Demon Slayer and the Fate series. Established in 2000, Ufotable is one of Japan’s leading studios in consistently putting out quality content.

Tales Of Zestiria The Cross (2016)


Many fans love the incredible effort Ufotable Studio has put into its animation, evident in the gorgeous backgrounds and impressive battle scenes.

The plot of this show itself isn’t the type to instantly catch your interest but it slowly builds up and offers the viewers a massively intricate world-building and character development. The main theme is also not too complex and is mostly about the fight between good vs evil, making it suitable for all ages.

Today’s Menu For The Emiya Family (2018)


Because Fate/Stay Night is the parent story of Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family, it features some references to the Holy Grail War. Deviating from the original series, this is a slice-of-life drama, without any action. The story revolves around Shirou’s gastronomic journey as he explores various markets and ingredients to cook delicious meals for the Emiya family.

From drool-worthy salmon to gorgeously animated shrimp tempura, the anime is a visual treat! Overall, it’s a feel-good anime that will relieve fans after the constant action and drama of the Fate franchise.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) 


Unlimited Blade Works focuses on the fifth Holy Grail War—the ultimate battle between seven magi and their Heroic Spirit servants. Rin Toosaka hopes to get her hands on the much desired Holy Grail. But she has no idea that this will lead her to an alliance with her classmate.

With completely deserved hype, this anime sets high standards for visual novel adaptations. The production is of extremely good quality and beautifully balances action scenes with importance placed on character development.

Fate/Zero (2011) 


Fate/Zero follows the adventures of “Magus Killer” Kiritsugu Emiya. Much like the other Fate installments, this one also lives up to the hype and offers exciting action scenes accompanied by addictive soundtracks. And the great thing is it only has one filler episode!

One big reason for the high rating of this show is the characters. You will not be disappointed to see the unique approach this show took in choosing to depict character development not through individual personalities but rather as a single unit. Surprisingly, this worked incredibly well in the series’ favor.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba (2019)

In 2019, Demon Slayer arrived and instantly took the anime community by storm. The follow-up movie after Season 1 further proved that this anime deserves a good spot in the list of best shonen shows.


It’s still far from complete and we have yet to see if the later seasons would live up to the greatness we have seen so far, but fans have high expectations.

Following the usual shonen trope, the show begins with a training arc where the protagonist Tanjirou improves his skills to pass the Demon Slayers Corps’ qualification test. Because it’s the only way to avenge the murder of his family, he is unstoppable and insanely determined to achieve his goals.

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