Fortnite Season 5: the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda included in new update


Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 4 has just come to an end today—the Marvel-themed season began with the battle between Thor and Galactus, and concluded with a flashy showdown between the players and the planet-sized villain, who ends up exploding. We’re given a shot of the main character, Jonesy, lying on the floor of an office in a suit as the last shot. Fortnite then shifted to a countdown to the release of Season 5—players could not re-enter the lobbies, and their only option was to exit the game and wait for the new update, which happened at 12AM EST. The game said that the story would continue in the next season.

The new season will bring about a massive update—it has been called ‘The Zero Point’, and players have to recruit ‘hunters’ from different Realities to stop the Loop. There are many new original Fortnite characters, including a creature called “Mancake the Fighting Flapjack”. But most importantly, one of the hunters that players can recruit is the Mandalorian from Star Wars. Baby Yoda, or Grogu, will also be making an appearance along with him.

Some of the new weapons include the Dragon’s Breath shotgun, the Mandalorian’s Amban sniper rifle, and the Night Hawk. Fans are also speculating the return of the Old Athena map, as well as winter for the map.

One of the key new features is the change in the quest system. Epic Games explains it as such:

Help for Hire

As a hunter, it’s your duty to help the Island’s characters in their unstable new reality. Take on their quests and bounties, get intel on your surroundings, or hire them to be your ally. Don’t want to negotiate? Challenge them to a duel and reap the rewards.

Spend your wages

The new characters only accept one form of payment: bars! Earn bars by completing quests and bounties, eliminating players, or finding hidden stashes around the Island. Spend your earned bars on new exotic weapons, upgrades, intel, services, and more.

Check out the new story trailer for Season 5:

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