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Haikyuu!! : more than just a sports anime

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Hinata Shoyo

At first glance, Haikyuu!! looks like a Shounen sports anime which revolves around the volleyball world of teenage protagonists. It all starts when Hinata Shoyo, passing by an appliance shop watches the the volleyball tournament on tv and gets struck by the unbelievable play of famous ‘Little Giant’. Hinata makes him his role model and enrolls in Karasuno High from where he played as a former ace. Watching his role model who was even shorter than Hinata, he strivea towards becoming a top player with his love for volleyball. Not only him but every other character fights his own battles to reach the top.

But what are the underlying themes which make it more than just an other sports anime ? Let’s dig in to find!

“Fly” :

Humans do not have wings but they always search for ways to fly. Karasuno is regarded as crows and their club motto ‘Fly’ represents freedom to extend beyond limits and show dynamic changes by adapting to the situation. “It’s true I’m not very tall, however I can jump”, these words by Hinata tells more about just abilities. He doesn’t let his weakness come in the way of dreams. The whole Karasuno team showcases great dynamism after the fall in tournament, which leaves everyone stunned.

“Limits do not exist” :

One thing Haikyuu!! makes us realize is that limits exist in ones head. Stereotypes cannot help you win the game and you have to move constantly. Do what the other has not done yet. All teams show their abilities beyond their limits to win the matches and take part in nationals. Even regarded as fallen crows by everyone , Karasuno beats the best teams in prefecture like Aoba Johsai and Shiratorizawa with their hard work.

 “Failures as a step to move forward”:

In early middle school days Hinata gets defeated by Kageyama’s team. After vowing to defeat him one day Hinata coincidentally ends up in the same team as Kageyama in High school. He pushes his limits and become the most formidable decoy. Despite receiving not being his best skill, and even after many failures, Hinata practices harder than anyone and becomes the best receiver on the Japanese Team. Failure does not shatters his dreams but gives him ways to move forward.

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