Have A Look Of Released First Clip Of Daredevil’s MCU Return


During a game broadcast on Sky Sports, a preview of Marvel‘s upcoming Echo series was shown.

The scene in question shows a fight sequence (which was previously glimpsed in prior marketing) between Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez (aka the show’s lead character Echo) and Charlie Cox’s audience-favorite Daredevil, marking the vigilante superhero’s 2024 return.

The action-packed battle can be viewed below:

The combat played out in one take with Matt Murdock using his twin batons quite effectively. Also of note is that the hero’s acrobatics are on full display. In his previous appearance on She-Hulk, his fighting had flourish, with several jumps and flips. This has been carried forward into Echo.

Furthermore, Daredevil is back in red and black, much like he was in the original Netflix series. In She-Hulk, he donned a yellow and red suit reminiscent of his original duds from his early comic issues.

It’s unknown exactly how much screen time Charlie Cox logs in Echo, but his role in the 2024 show seems to be an appetizer for Daredevil: Born Again, which has been reported to premiere in 2025.

As for Echo, Marvel Studios will drop all five episodes at once on Tuesday, January 9 on both Disney+ and Hulu.

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