Here’s What Stan Lee Looked Like in the Actual 1970s VS. Avengers: Endgame

Stan Lee In Endgame in HD

With Avengers: Endgame now available digitally for home viewing, fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are posting more details of the film on various social media.

Reddit updates:

Marvel Studios has a fan-based Reddit page, where anything and everything related to the MCU films and television shows are posted regularly by fans of the franchise.

One of the most recent posts shared on the page shows a side-by-side still of Stan Lee’s cameo in the film, which took place in the 1970s, alongside an actual image of the comics legend from that time.

Fans were quick to notice that Lee looked almost the same in both the images.


Stan Lee in the 1970’s vs in Endgame 1970 from marvelstudios


Fan theories:

Some eagle-eyed fans also commented that it wouldn’t come off as a surprise if the makers of the film used his actual photo as a reference when they were creating Lee’s look in Endgame.

Then again, another fan stated that this person wasn’t Stan Lee, but the American stand-up comedian Marc Maron, who seems to look quite like Lee.

Stan Lee and Avengers:

While Endgame may have been Lee’s final appearance ever in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the iconic legend was also spotted in Madness in the Method, the directorial debut of Jason Mewes.

And even though Lee won’t be appearing in any more film cameos, fans can expect to see him in many other different ways.

Lee has a cameo in his animated version in every episode of the upcoming animated TV series called Superhero Kindergarten.

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