According To an Avengers: Endgame Theory the Infinity Stones Will Create Mutants

Infinity Stones Will Create Mutants

After Avengers: Endgame releases in theatres we’ll certainly get to know a lot about the fate of our remaining heroes. Which character will live and which will die or who will have the last punch at Thanos?

As we wait and guess what might happen in Endgame the fate of X-Men shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s just a matter of time when the deal between the owners of X-Men will finally take place with Disney and Marvel. Now, the questions stand, how Marvel will introduce the whole race of mutants in the MCU?

From many fan based theories, one stands out to be highly possible. The person who posted this theory hasn’t proved much but its chances of being true are high. The theory says that the mutant gene will probably begin from the destruction of the Infinity Stones.

As we’ve seen in Captain Marvel, Carol gets her powers while trying to destroy the tesseract. As she tried to destroy it, the tesseract sent shockwaves of energy which entered Carol and gave her powers.

If one tesseract can do this, imagine what all the Infinity Stones together will do. The theory continues as it states that after defeating Thanos, the Avengers will agree on destroying the Infinity Stones. They’ll then find a way to destroy them. Upon their destruction, they’ll send out a shockwave that spread in the cosmos. The shockwave will then alter the genes of some of the humans on earth. Hence, the mutant gene cycle will begin.

Indeed this is quite a dope way of bringing an entire multiverse of mutants into this era of Marvel heroes. However, there might be issues towards how Marvel portrays mutants in its films. Fans who just watch mutants of television shows like Agents of SHIELD may have some other views when Marvel casts those characters in movies. Normal movie watching fans will have no issue coping with the new update to mutant films.

Bringing the X-Men into the MCU means a great deal to Marvel and fans of X-Men. Although, whether Marvel will use the same actors for its new mutant force or not is unknown as well. Adding X-Men into the MCU also adds up a lot new series for fans to enjoy. For example, we could get to witness the X-Men and Avengers together as in the comics.

Moreover, if we get nothing but death in Endgame, maybe the X-Men would finally step in to guard Earth. The possibilities of how good this deal pays off are infinite. We’ll know whether this theory plays out or not as Avengers: Endgame ends revealing the fate of the Avengers, the Infinity Stones and of X-Men.

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