How Are Bruce Banner and Jen Walters Related?

Why Hulk Left Earth in She-Hulk? When Will Bruce Banner Pop Up Again?

From what we know, Bruce Banner is close enough with Jen Walters to go on trips, so they should be closer than we thought.

Until now, no family member of Bruce has ever been mentioned; they didn’t exactly have the time to talk about family with every time they came together meant the world was in imminent danger.

How are Bruce and Jen related?

How Are Bruce Banner and Jen Walters Related?

From what we know, we could guess that they have been in touch and that she knows somewhat about what’s going on with Bruce in the bg too.

They did leave with a message saying see you at family dinner meaning they do meet often.

Are they genetically related?

That would be a big yes; however, with just one episode with a half-hour running time, it is hard to establish cold facts, but we could see that they are genetically related too since Bruce said their genes had been programmed to accept the gamma radiation like none.

Does this make Jen and Bruce Banner mutants?

How Are Bruce Banner and Jen Walters Related?

That’s a story for another day, but from the looks of it, they may be mutants who stayed dormant until the incident with gamma radiation, just like Wanda Maximoff.

With the X-Men said to join the MCU soon, let’s hope they shed more light on how this whole mutant thing works in MCU.

Who is Ched?

Now, while talking about their smart genes, basically Jen Walters and Bruce Banner boasting, we get to hear from Bruce Banner that there is another genius in the family.

We know that Bruce does not have siblings, so this should be another cousin like Jen. And apparently, he is brilliant too. So now, all that is left is to see him become another tiny hulk and finish the Hulk trio, we guess.

Anyway, we will stay on the lookout for more Ched stories, so rest easy, guys.

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