Inuyasha to Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Miroku And Sango’s Romance

If you’re someone who recently started watching Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Inuyasha’s spin off series, you may be curious about the relationship between Sango and Miroku, Hisui’s parents. You’ve come to the right place then! For the newcomers and even for old fans of Inuyasha, here’s a brief overview of the romance between monk Miroku and demon-slayer Sango.

How Did They First Meet? 

Miroku and Sango meet each other after they join Inuyasha and Kagome on their mission to collect all the scattered shards of the Shikon Jewel so they can defeat Naraku. All of these characters have undergone great misery on account of Naraku’s evil actions.

We first see Miroku in Episode 16 titled ‘Mysterious Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku’. Here, he tries to run away after stealing the Shikon Jewel shards from Kagome and Inuyasha, but he fails. After this, he tells them about the Wind Tunnel curse that has been in his family for generations.

It was Naraku who cursed his ancestor. Similar to Miroku’s tragic story, Sango too is introduced to the audience when a terrible plan by Naraku wipes out her family and her entire village. Her brother, Kohaku, is brainwashed by Naraku, which leads him to kill everyone including an attempt to kill Sango. At first, Sango is misled to believe that Inuyasha is the one behind it all but later learns the truth. She joins Inuyasha and the gang in Episodes 25 and 26.

And so, Miroku and Sango encounter each other as comrades who share the common goal of bringing down Naraku and his evil plans. As time goes on, they begin to form a closer bond and their initial relationship as comrades transform into something more romantic.

The Budding Romance Between Sango And Miroku

In Episode 56 titled ‘Temptress in the Mist’, we see their relationship taking a turn. In this episode, Miroku and Sango hunt down a demon disguised as a beautiful woman. The demon is responsible for the disappearance of many men in the village. Before they begin their inspection, Miroku gives Sango protective prayer beads, which proves to be useful as it prevents the Wild Dog Princess Demon from seeing Sango when she attacks.

After the demon is defeated, Miroku tenderly consoles the princess’s soul and this makes Sango jealous. Miroku later thanks Sango for accompanying him on the mission and for worrying about him. This is one of the crucial moments in the series when they start forming a deeper bond. The audience can clearly see that they’re starting to care for each other.

This is also the first moment when Sango expresses a subtle desire to mean something more to Miroku but she’s quick to set these feelings aside.

Miroku Is Dismayed When A Love Interest Of Sango Shows Up 

In Episode 78, ‘Only you, Sango’, Sango receives a proposal from a rich young Lord called Kuranosuke Takeda. He has been in love with Sango for more than six years. This makes Miroku jealous and disheartened but he doesn’t show it. Instead, he tells Sango that it is her choice.

When they run into each other that night, Miroku says that he wishes true happiness for Sango. Sango doesn’t agree to Takeda’s proposal and resumes her journey with Miroku and the rest. Takeda’s appearance has made both of them realize they’re interested in each other but it’s not enough to provoke a confession yet.

Miroku Finally Confesses His Feelings To Sango! 

Only in Episode 131- ‘Trap of the Curse Wall Hanging’ and Episode 132- ‘Miroku’s Most Dangerous Confession’, Miroku goes through huge turmoil and worry which leads him to realize his deep feelings for Sango. Sango gets kidnapped by demon women. After he saves her, he confesses to Sango that she is a very special woman to him.

He proposes to her asking her to live with him and bear his children (his infamous line) after they defeat Naraku. Sango agrees and their relationship grows after this incident. There are a lot of heartwarming moments between the pair throughout the series which shows they deeply care for each other.

Miroku And Sango’s Happy Married Life

After they defeat Naraku, Miroku keeps his promise and they get married, giving birth to three beautiful children- twin girls, Gyokuto and Kin’u and a son called Hisui. Hisui becomes a demon slayer just like his mother Sango in Yashahime.

In Yashahime Episode 1, we see Sango and Miroku working together to bring down the Root Head Demon threatening their village. This makes fans so happy to see their relationship going on as strong as ever!

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