What would have happened if Jasper wasn’t killed in HITMAN?

Jasper knew all the secrets he had hidden from his cop team. When Jasper was away, Gary was appointed as a fake hitman instead of Jasper. Though he hadn’t had any enmity against Gary, he wanted his job back, which he had lost due to his old deeds of getting involved in useless fights with teenagers.

He tried to prove Gary and Madison innocent and get his job back, but for that, he blackmailed the couple(Gary and Madison).


Gary met Madison as a fake hitman. Madison wanted Gary to kill his husband as he was abusive and didn’t allow her to do anything according to her will. Still, as the conversation went on, Gary asked Madison to leave his husband instead of asking for murder from him. Madison took his advice, and a few days later, they met again. They started spending more time together, and soon, they were together as a couple.

One day, coming out of a bar, they ran into Madison’s husband, Ray, who freaked out. He wanted Madison back, but Gary scared him away by showing him a gun. All this while, Jasper was following Gary and Madison.

After that night, Ray contacted a fake hitman(Gary), considered a real one, to murder his wife and his new boyfriend. While having this conversation, they aren’t face to face, but at last, when Ray abused Madison, Gary loses his calm, shows his face and goes away.

After that, he met Jasper, who knew all this and promised Gary he would expose it. Gary had told Madison about his husband’s scene. The next day, Ray was found dead. Gary was shocked, and he ran to Madison, where he discovered that she had killed his husband as she was scared that his husband might kill him anytime.

Gary freaked out. The cops found a suspect, and it was none other than Madison. Jasper enjoyed it all the while. Gary was sent to Madison’s house to inquire. He gestured through his mobile phone not to utter something extra, as he had a speaker attached to his ears through which the rest of the team could listen.

Jasper went to Madison’s home at night and wanted to discuss a plan. But, little did he know he would be killed. Madison mixed extra drugs in his beer, but this wasn’t something that could kill Jasper. Gary came and tied the polythene around his face, and he was dead after a few minutes.

What would have happened if Jasper wasn’t killed in HITMAN?

Gary and Madison loved each other, as shown in the end. It wasn’t sure that Jasper wouldn’t have kept the secret all the while later. Maybe he would have exposed the secret, and Madison and Gary would have been in jail, as he supported a false truth.

Even if Jasper hadn’t died, both Gary and Madison would have been living in some fear as Jasper knew who killed Ray and who supported her during the investigation.

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