Is Miss Minutes a Loki Villain? Loki producer Confirms

A Loki producer just clarified whether Miss Minutes is an MCU villain.

First introduced in Loki Season 1, Miss Minutes, voiced by Tara Strong, educated both Loki and Disney+ audiences alike about the TVA, Time-Keepers, and the Sacred Timeline.

But by the season finale, she was confirmed to be one of the few within the TVA who knew what was going on. And, in Loki Season 2’s latest episode, Marvel revealed more about her history, her goals, and her nature.

Is Miss Minutes a Loki Villain?

Warning – The rest of this article contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 3 of Loki.

In Loki Season 2’s third episode titled “1893,” Miss Minutes teams up with Ravonna Renslayer to find He Who Remains; however, this mysterious mascot is shown to have her own agenda.

In talking with Marvel about the deceptive and even cutthroat Miss Minutes, Loki producer Kevin Wright claimed she’s not completely “bad” but does operate “in the gray area.”

During the episode, Miss Minutes betrays Renslayer and confronts Victor Timely, a Variant of He Who Remains, about “the past that they had,” revealing that this AI has “consciousness” and “longs for this connection again:”

“At the end of Season 1, we know she’s kind of duplicitous and she’s got a bigger plan going on. But I think it was intriguing to play with, what is that plan? Why is she doing it? In Episode 3, when she speaks to Victor Timely about the past that they had, I think it’s really kind of moving. It’s weird, you get she’s an artificial intelligence, but there is some kind of maybe consciousness there that she’s had these experiences, and she kind of longs for this connection again.”

Wright went on to raise several questions, such as whether Miss Minutes’ loyalty and creepy ambitions for a human body are the result of her “programming” or “a naturally growing kind of emotion:”

“Is her programming [written] to make that loyalty for him? Or, as she says, she was given the free will to write her own programming? Is this a naturally growing kind of emotion that she’s having? I just think that’s a cool space creatively to sit in.”

But again, in regard to whether this orange AI timepiece is villainous or not, the Loki producer circled back on her “gray area,” admitting that, “when she’s rejected, she’ll go off the rails” and describing her as “vindictive:”

“And of course, when she’s rejected, she’ll go off the rails. That’s fun, too, because she’s vindictive.”

How Miss Minutes Contributes to Loki’s Central Theme

One of Loki Season 1’s leading themes was that of fate versus free will.

Not only is Loki’s sophomore season continuing to revisit this topic, but Miss Minutes being AI with emotions and personal motives just became another means to explore that very question.

In addition, while Miss Minutes may not be “bad” or a villain, her motives and tendency to “go off the rails” technically equate her to a Loki antagonist.

Now that she and Ravonna Renslayer are seemingly stranded at the Citadel of the End of Time, it will be interesting to see whether she continues to serve as an obstacle for the series heroes, especially since a spoilery Loki video featurette has already teased the God of Mischief’s return to that Season 1 locale.

Perhaps then audiences will learn Miss Minutes’ “really big” secret guaranteed to make Renslayer “real angry.”

New episodes of Loki premiere on Thursdays on Disney+.

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