Boruto: Kawaki’s Tragic Story Revealed In Anime Better Than The Manga!


Even though we are still unsure if Kawaki killed Naruto or not, the recent episode of Boruto anime made us feel sorry for him.

Better than the Manga!

There are a lot of things about Kawaki that go unanswered in the manga. Even though we know he went through hell, there were no specific scenes showing what all the kid went through.

Seeing Kawaki’s past makes us a little relieved that not many have pasts like this is in the Boruto anime.

Well, let me finish it, wait, in Naruto, we had a lot of people with pasts as tragic as Kawaki. But in Boruto, we didn’t have anyone as bad as this yet.


Well, Mugino had a bad past, though, but still not as tragic as Kawaki. No wonder he is all jumpy and doesn’t trust the people of the Hidden Leaf.

Traumatic Flashbacks!

In the flashbacks, as soon as we see Kawaki for the first time, we get to see Jigen purchasing a sad, poor little Kawaki who is unfed. His dad is a drunk, and Jigen literally buys Kawaki in the bar and leaves.

Later Kawaki is pitted against others to survive and finally becomes the vessel. Even then, he looks malnourished, unfed, and fragile, and the only thing that keeps him going is, well, it looks like it is his need for survival.

Sadistic Side of Kara!


The kid we see wake up in the anime is filled with traumas from the past and with PTSD. He has flashbacks from the lairs, and we see Amado and Jigen and Koji looking at the people fighting and killing each other as a sport.

This definitely gives us a sadistic side to Jigen and the whole Kara gang, which the audience didn’t get to see until now. One thing is for sure though, no matter what they are up to, Kara cannot do something good.

This makes Orochimaru‘s lairs look like paradise, to be frank. He at least grew attached to his subjects at times. Jigen is just a cold-hearted dictator, and we would love nothing more than to see him die.

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