Henry Cavill Renegotiating His Contract For The Witcher?


It is safe to say by now that something is seriously wrong with Warner Bros. But that’s no longer a point of debate.

No more Superman!

With the new reports of having a Superman reboot without Henry Cavill making the rounds, it looks like the actor is securing his future.

It’s not like actors like Cavill need to worry about money, but it is always better to plan ahead.

Superman’s cape.

Now that the news of Cavill being dropped from the Superman franchise is kinda official and looks like The Witcher series is his safe spot for now.

The Unexpected Hit!

Nobody expected The Witcher to become such a big hit, even though the series was already renewed for a second season. But with the massive success, it has brought, every actor in the show will look for renegotiating their pay.

For the first season, it was said that Henry Cavill got a payment of $400,000 for each episode. And with the second season about to end filming by this month, he got a payment of $500,000 per episode.

Also, he would’ve probably gotten something while recovering from the onset injury. Anyway, it’s not like it’s a big deal for Netflix as The Witcher blew up many records and made itself the first super-hit original series.

Renegotiations Are Underway


But the time Henry Cavill is putting up his contract for renegotiating is up for debate. According to some industry insiders, Henry Cavill is asking more for the third season now that his Superman sequel fell through.

One way this could mean that he will have his schedule cleared to shoot the Witcher, but on the other hand, it means one less income for Cavill.

If Cavill were chosen for the sequel, he would’ve made in millions considering the hit Man of Steel already was. But now it fell through, and Cavill might have to wait to be cast in something as big as Superman.

Another Superhero Role?

Now might be the right time for Cavill to think about his options, but it is definitely not the time to ask for extra cash as any studio will just point out the deal falling through and will find ways to reject his claim.

Anyway, all these are just reported as of now, and we hope Warner Bros. wakes up and gets their act straight and bring back Cavill or at least let’s hope Marvel gives him a good role.

We love to see Cavill as a superhero and don’t care which studios it is from.

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