Kengan Omega Chapter 163 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Kengan Omega Chapter 169

Read on to learn more about what will be happening in the next chapter of Kengan Omega i.e, Kengan Omega Chapter 163.

About Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega is the counterpart of Kengan Ashura, a Japanese manga series illustrated by Daromeon. Two years after the game-changing Kengan Annihilation Tournament on Ganryu Island, we follow the lives of ambitious fighter Koga Narushima and the intriguing Ryuki Gaoh as they become enmeshed in the underground world of the Kengan wars.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 162 Recap

Ohma Tokita and Akiyama Kaede came to the fighting arena in Chapter 162 to see Narushima Koga and Funayama Yoshiki having a match. Ohma discovers that the Berserker Bowl is considerably more humane than the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, since the warriors are allowed adequate rest between fights.

Kengan Omega Chapter 163

Koga’s path to the crown will be difficult. He is fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses as a result of his extensive stay in Purgatory. The audience applauded as he stepped boldly into the right.

Kengan Omega Chapter 163 Spoilers

The spoilers or raw scans for upcoming Kengan Omega chapters are usually released 2-3 days before the actual release date. As a consequence, by the 12th or 13th of May, 2022, you will get to read the raw scans and get a good idea of what will happen.

Either way, here are some speculations. The first prelims of the Berserker Bowl will be held in Chapter 163, with Narushima Koga versus Funayama Yoshiki.  Funayama can’t fight Koga, and the battle will most likely be over in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, Yamashita Kazuo will attend the Pool H bouts to witness Gaoh Ryuki battle after a long absence.

Kengan Omega Chapter 163

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Kengan Omega Chapter 163 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 163 is scheduled to get released on the 15th of May 2022. Kengan Omega keeps its release schedule on a weekly basis, where a new chapter gets released either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Where To Read

Kenganomega and Comikey are two amazing websites for reading the Kengan Omega manga’s next chapters. In Japan, Kengan Omega is published in the Ura Sunday magazine

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