Kevin Feige Confirms, The Real Mandarin Will Show Up in the MCU Soon.

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The last 11 years of Marvel’s joirney seems surprising and has gone through major changes. Recently released, Avengers: Endgame have closed the doors of Phase 3, but that doesn’t mean all the narrative threads developed in earlier movies have been closed.

Mandarin in Marvel Universe.

Mandarine will return

Marvel Studios chief, Kevin Feige has hinted towards the comeback of some filiar villains to the franchise. Many characters introduced with some elements and characters from early films left to the dust. Earlier this week the typically coy Kevin Feige managed to drop a few gems about the MCU’s past and future during a Reddit AMA.The version of The Mandarin who appeared in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 still proves to be a controversial point among fans. Fans are excited to see the real Mandarin to show his face in the MCU.

Kevin Fiege, Marvel head confirms the same — at some point in the future.

Though, Iron Man 3 revealed that Mandarin’s character was nothing more than an actor named Trevor Slattery. He was hired to play the role of the bloodthirsty leader of the Ten Rings. Tony’s rival Aldrich Killian instead revealed himself as the “true” Mandarin. Such scenes are enough for altering a popular villain among significant fan backlash. Furture of Mandarin..Now, with the advent of Marvel’s Phase 4 approaching, it looks as MCU is trying unique and something different then its usual. With the long-awaited appearance of the Mandarin – the real Mandarin, is in works.


While Kingsley didn’t play the real Mandarin, the short confirmed that a true version of the villain did exist in the MCU and broke Slattery out of prison so they could meet. Fams are eager to see “real” Mandarin to take hia place as the leader of Ten-Rings. Ten-Tings is the organization that was featured in Iron Man and Ant-Man.Recently Marvel boss, Kevin Fiege held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit.

The Real Mandarin

He answered a question regarding the possibility of the “real” Mandarin or the Ten Rings being featured in future MCU projects. While this would seem to be the type of question that he wouldn’t answer, Feige actually confirmed that there are plans to do just that. We can’t figure out if he had just said “Yes” for the Ten Rings, the real Mandarin, or both. Since the two are tied together, it appears that the Mandarin may just make his MCU debut before too long.Mandarin’s entry to Marvel will be exciting and thrilling if done correctly like avoiding the stereotypical portrayal he’s received in the comics before.

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Some Fans may also be disappointed with death of Iron Man. We know Mandarin had square off against the Tony Stark on the big screen. That could actually free Marvel Studios up to be more creative and inventive with the MCU’s version of the Mandarin.After the death of Thanos, it is speculated that he is an exciting possible villain for Phase 4 as his power set includes martial arts training and special rings that make him a formidable opponent.


If MCU wants to give a try for its fate, Mandarin could be a villain that Doctor Strange encounters moving forward. It also seems to be a part of Shang-Chi too, possibly even with a surprising change for his character. Still fans have to wait for all the buzz around the villain’s entry to Marvel Studious.

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