Why Is Sony Acting Weird All Of A Sudden About Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Spider Man: No Way Home

Sony is up to something, and it is definitely not something subtle. Fans of Spider-Man are in a lot of confusion mixed with excitement as to what is going on with Sony’s Twitter account.

What is going on with Sony?

Sony is suddenly behaving like it just broke up with someone and is changing everything to start a new life.

Well, that is understandable for a human but, what Sony is up to has been the question of the day among marvel fans.

Most of them are just convinced that Sony has something big up its sleeve that may drop this weekend. And as expected, it involves our Spidey.

Is Sony Releasing Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer this week?

It might probably be the case. Every Twitter account of Sony has suddenly changed their header to Spider-Man: No Way Home poster.

What is weirder is that Sony was last seen making a joke about the trailer fans have been asking, and it may not be their best joke to date. You can view it below and be the judge of it.

Fans were sure that they would be getting some kind of teaser or trailer by June end because, after all, the film is releasing this December. But some had a specific date for it, and it looks like it might not be the case too.

Will Sony release the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer on Tom Holland’s birthday?

Well, that’s what fans have been saying for a long time. This was confirmed when Marvel released the trailer of Shang-Chi on its lead, Simu Liu‘s birthday.

This is a special birthday for Tom Holland, after all, he turns 25. And the trailer will be watched a lot if it drops on his birthday, and that’s simple math. Well, it’s not like it won’t be watched otherwise.

But, Sony is moving too fast. His birthday is on June 1st, and Sony is already looking like it’s getting its duck in a row so, there are chances that Sony might actually drop the trailer this weekend.

Because there are ten more days for Holland’s birthday, and if Sony is just teasing us to get us excited, it is too much because fans have to wait ten whole days to find out if they will get the trailer or not.



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