Kingdom Chapter 719 Release Date, Raw Scans and Other Details

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

Shin’s wild decision has given the Qin army some unexpected advantage in the battle. Riboku stands firm, sure of his tactics. Will Shin tip the balance of this battle? Read this article to find everything about Kingdom Chapter 719.

About Kingdom 

Xin and Piao are war orphans living as servants in a rural town in the kingdom of Qin during the Warring States period of ancient China. They do, however, train regularly in order to become the “Great Generals of the Heavens.”

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A minister takes Piao to the palace for an unexplained reason one day, leaving Xin behind. The plot of Kingdom is based on the Chinese history period known as the Warring States period, which lasted from 221 BC to 221 BC.

Recap for Kingdom Chapter 718

  • Everyone is in a state of frenzy after Shin crossed with his entire unit to the other side, exposing Kanki’s main flank.
  • The main side is getting run over on the right side because, as a general explains, the Hishin army came over to this side. Shin is certain that even though Kanki is rash, he is intelligent enough to deal with this danger on his own. He says that the fate of their army depends not on Kanki but on the Hishin army. Mouten agrees.

Kingdom Chapter 719

  • His soldiers are surprised that Shin still has his eye on victory and not on saving lives. Kyoukai says that the Hishin armies’ cavalry will attack from the rear. He forbids archers to shoot. He has full faith in his soldiers who are tougher than stones.
  • The Gakuka army head agrees to join hands with the Hishin army. The Naki army also joins hand, and everyone’s spirit is suddenly soaring. Shin has managed to infuse new energy in them.

Kingdom Chapter 719

  • Meanwhile Kanki orders his army to attack the enemy. Kanki is a hero for these soldiers who are ready to charge. They want to protect him at all costs. And with this, everyone in the Qin Northeastern army clashed with the Zhao army on the right.
  • The Qin army is high on morale. But even though they are charging relentlessly, they don’t stand a chance in front of the Zhao army. They fall one by one.

Kingdom Chapter 719

  • Suddenly, the Qin flank’s numbers increase as the Saika generals appear out of nowhere with their army. Shin decides to make a wedge formation flanked by the Gakuka and Hishin armies on both sides.

Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 719

Official spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 719 are not out yet, but we speculate that the fighting is going to intensify. Although the Zhao army still looks sure of victory, but Riboku’s plans have received a setback due to Shin’s wild moves.

Will the Qin army’s boost in morale give them the edge in this battle? We believe that the Qin army has a wild card which will come soon in the next episodes!

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Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 719

Kingdom Chapter 719 will be released in the first week of May.

Where to Read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here. Kingdom Chapter 709 will be released in the third week of February 2022.

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