Kingdom Chapter 726 Raw Scans Reveal Kanki’s Genius Plan!

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

The English translations for Chapter 726 are not out yet but meanwhile, read this article to find out everything about Kingdom Chapter 726 Raw Scans!

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Spoilers for Chapter 726

  • In the Qin camp, Kanki asks marron about when they would adopt a more serious approach to the fight.
  • Kanki asks Marron about what strategies to use when outnumbered by the enemy. Marron replies that they need to be in a favourable position, however that is not the case then according to one soldier. Kanki scoffs at him and says that no situation is unfavourable and Marron agrees. Kingdom Chapter 726 Raw Scans
  • It turns out that Kanki had been planning this since he saw Riboku’s army. Since that army was regular there was one time when the Qin army can prevail: in darkness. Therefore the Qin camp passes its time away waiting for the night.
  • However, Riboku has already guessed Kanki’s plan. He has kept back his main army for this reason. One soldier urges him to attack in full force right now but Riboku does not agree.

Kingdom Chapter 726 Raw Scans

  • There’s a discussion over which side to attack first and they decided to attack the left flank of the Qin army.
  • Even though the Kanki army was briefly stopped, Riboku’s HQ notices that they are once again moving. The troops warn that if they don’t send Bananji, who is on the left, then it might already be too late.

Kingdom Chapter 726 Raw Scans

  • Kaine is concerned about it, and Futei asks why Bananji isn’t being ordered to move. When some Zhao soldiers spot Kanki, they rush at him, but Kanki effortlessly dispatches them by claiming that they were blocking his path. Marron believes they can succeed, in his own mind.

Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 726

Translations of Kingdom Chapter 726 will be released in a week. Visit this website for regular updates.

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Where to read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here.

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