Liebe, the Anti-Magic Devil in Black Clover


In the world of Black Clover, the Devils belong to an ancient race of magical beings who live in the underworld. They possess sinister and malicious magical abilities. So far, the Devils that have been introduced in the series include Zagred, Lucifero, Megicula, Zenon’s devil, and Liebe

Liebe, also known as the Anti-Magic devil will be the focus of this article. He is the devil that resides in Asta’s five-leaf grimoire. The importance of Liebe‘s character will significantly increase as the story progresses. By the time the series wraps up, the Anti-Magic devil will probably be established as one of the most formidable and strongest devils

Magic type

Liebe‘s magic type, as the name suggests, is that of anti-magic. His ability to generate anti-magic makes him resistant to any magic used to attack him. As Asta’s devil, he can share his power of nullifying magic with Asta who looks like a half-demon when using them. 


How is the Anti-Magic devil’s personality like?

Liebe feels alienated from his fellow devils and harbors a deep hatred for Lucifero, who killed his foster mother. He was tormented in the underworld and thus views all the other devils, including himself as contemptuous. His cold, vengeful personality matches with the intimidating presence he gives off. 

This is evident in the way Asta and other people shudder whenever they sense Liebe. From the dynamic between Asta and Liebe, we get to learn that Liebe is different from the other devils. Even Asta tells him he is a good person and decides to make their contract one of equality so they can defeat their common enemies together.  

Liebe‘s inability to kill Asta and the fact that he can grief and feel vengeful for the sake of another person indicates a compassionate side in him. During their battle, Liebe was holding back and had no real intention ever to seriously harm Asta. This unexpected side to the dangerous Anti-Magic devil is most probably due to the influence of Richita, his foster mother, and Asta’s mother


This aspect of his personality is foreshadowed even from his name itself. Where the other devils have frightening names such as Lucifero or Zagred, Liebe‘s name means ‘love‘. Richita‘s influence is truly felt in this instance because she was the one who gave him the name. She was an incredibly warm person who knew how to love abundantly and Liebe is all the better for it. 


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