Me & Roboco Chapter 60 Release Date, Spoilers & Leak

Me & Roboco Chapter 60

Gaining a lot of popularity since its release last year, Me & Roboco is set to return with another chapter in the coming week. To find out more details about the upcoming chapter read on!

Me & Roboco Chapter 60 Release Date

Considering the usual production schedule of the manga series, Me & Roboco Chapter 60 is set to release on 10th October 2021. Fans will be able to access the raw scans of the manga, one to two days before the official release.

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Me & Roboco Chapter 59 Recap

Here is what happened in the previous chapter of Me & Roboco.


Bondo and his friends are out on the town. Roboco suggests that they go to a coffee shop that offers custom orders. On their way, they come across a person dressed up as a coffee mug and handing out fliers. That person turns out to be Bondo’s classmate Jun Chaya.

Jun is the son of a coffee shop owner. He was compelled to put on his costume to attract customers as their business had suffered after a new cafe opened up nearby. Jun’s father thinks that their simple cafe has no place in the world.

Me & Roboco Chapter 60

However, Meiko does not agree with him. She loved the place; the cleanliness of the shop, the treasured furniture, and the calm atmosphere provided by the music paired with the scent of the coffee he brewed. Meiko and Roboco offer their help to save the shop.


Meiko does not know where to start to attract customers. In contrast, Roboco seemed very confident with what to do. She tries to use her charm to lure customers but instead, it seems to have the opposite effect. But when it was Meiko’s turn to try, people instantly fell in love with her charm and appeal so much so that the coffee shop became full of customers.

Meiko also seemed to be naturally gifted as a waitress. She could easily keep up with everyone’s orders and that’s not all. She even managed to prepare all the toast-based orders under a small time frame. 

Seeing how everyone loved Meiko and not being able to be of help, Roboco starts to feel jealous of Meiko. She wants to get the approval of others around her. To this, Bondo tells her to start playing to her strength. 

Thinking hard, Roboco comes up with the idea to sing. She starts to sing Kissed Bro which is well received by the audience and even left some people in tears. The coffee shop was bustling the entire day all thanks to Meiko and Roboco’s help.


Me & Roboco Chapter 60

At the end of the day, Jun’s dad is deeply grateful to Bondo and his friends. He however feels that once Meiko and Roboco stop helping out, then things will go back to usual and he’ll have to close the shop for good. 

To his surprise though, even without Meiko and Roboco helping out, customers started pouring in. People loved the place and the coffee served there.

Me & Roboco Chapter 59 Spoilers

Unfortunately, the raw scan of Me & Roboco Chapter 60 is still not out at the time of writing this article. However, we can expect the raw scans to be released in 2 to 3 days’ time. Once the raw scans are released, we will get an idea of what’s in store for the upcoming chapter of Me & Roboco Chapter 60.


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Where to Read Me & Roboco

You can access the official version of Me & Roboco from Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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