Loki Season 2 Episode 4: Did Victor Timely Actually Die?

After allying themselves with Jonathan Majors’ Victor Timely and sending him out to fix the Temporal Loom in Loki Season 2 Episode 4, the hit Disney+ series seemingly killed off the unique Kang Variant.

As Ke Huy Quan’s O.B., Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, and the rest of the TVA team tried to stop a full-on Temporal meltdown, it was Mr. Timely who stepped up:

O.B.: “It’s worse than I thought. We have to move fast. Who’s it gonna be?”

Loki: “I’ll do it. I’ll put the suit on.”

Mobius: “Okay, let’s go then.”

Hunter B-15: “Come on, let’s move.”

Timely: “Wait. It should be me.”

Setting out to hopefully implement a fix to their Temporal problems, Timely volunteered, telling the rest of the crew, “I know how the Throughput Multiplier works,” so he was the one for the job:

Loki: “No, you don’t have to do this.”

Timely: “But I do. Something wrong could happen and I know how the Throughput Multiplier works.”

O.B.: “Okay, okay, no time to argue. Hurry. Come, follow me. Listen. Get in, get suited up. When those doors open, get down the gangway as fast as possible. Load the Multiplier, launch it, and get back as fast as you can.”

As Timely suited up to take on the team’s Temporal troubles, Owen Wilson’s Mobius warned Victor of the “radiation levels,” to which the 1800s inventor and the rest of the team seem to shrug off:

Timely: “Got it. Okay.”

O.B.: “Okay.”

Timely: “Time to be brave.”

O.B.: “Good luck.”

Timely: “Time to be brave.”

Sylvie: “How long do we have?”

O.B.: “Not long?”

Loki: “He’ll make it.”

Mobius: “Yeah, I don’t know about these radiation levels. It’s worse than when I was out there.”

Hunter B-15: “He’ll make it.”

From there, Timely grabs hold of the Throughput Multiplier, runs through the blast doors, and proceeds to be shredded by the radiation, letting out a guttural scream.

Is He Who Remains Kang The Conqueror Variant?

As Loki and the remaining TVA crew look around in disbelief, the episode ends as the Temporal Loom explodes, seemingly leaving the show’s central cast doomed.

Did Victor Timely Actually Die?

Now that fans have seen Victor Timely seemingly disintegrate into Multiveral silly string, the biggest question is whether the character is dead and gone.

Despite his death looking definitive, there is always the chance Timely could come back before the end of Loki Season 2.

This is the same series that has included time travel, secret robot cabals, and different versions of the same characters, so a resurrection would not be the most out-of-the-park idea to hit the show if it were to happen.

However, it seems likely Victor Timely is actually dead.

But that does not mean Loki Season 2 is done with Jonathan Majors’ MCU villain. There have been teases of a “search [for]… Kang Variants” and “[mapping] out [to] see the extent of their control across time.”

Thus far, that has not exactly been the case.

Perhaps this Temporal meltdown will result in the promised great Kang hunt, with the final two episodes of the series setting up the franchise’s next Avenger’s-level threat.

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