The Witcher Vs. Lord of the Rings: Which One is Better

While there are no limitations when it comes to fantasy movies or series and the fact that they could go to any extent, break the laws of nature and of the world and bring in whatever they want, it’s still up to the creator to show us how good his/her creativity is.

While there are so many fantasy series from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings, the Witcher is the recent one to be added to the list. While some series like GOT have less use of fantasy and mythical creatures and characters, Lord of the Rings and Harry Porter solely depend on it. The Witcher is a series that does both.

It brings in every bit of fantasy creatures and mythical stories and gives a human touch to the story with war and family and stuff. Since we cannot compare The Witcher to every series at a time, we have chosen to compare it with Lord Of The Rings.

Even though Lord of the Rings seems like it’s similar to The Witcher and kind of looks the same in some aspects, it is not. But we can weigh them and let you know which one is better in all aspects.




While the favorite Trilogy has some fascinating and important characters, some are lacking in the area of diversity, better explanations, and relatability.

Yes, fantasy series or movies are not supposed to be relatable on the whole. Still, characters and their weaknesses and their strengths and outlook can be relatable to the audience, helping them connect with that character.

While Lord of the Rings failed in that and in including strong woman characters, The Witcher took it upon them to do it. Even though Yennefer is far less powerful and useful in the books, the series made her strong, formidable, and weak at the same time, making her as humane as possible.

They address many social issues with her character and definitely, without a doubt, make her even more relatable with all the mood swings she has within seconds (well, in her case, it’s decades).  So The Witcher takes this round!




While Lord of the Rings was carefully written and edited and worked into perfection by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Witcher is a compilation of short stories and hasn’t had much work done on it like the other.

We have to give to Peter Jackson for making that book into a successful trilogy. While the Witcher might be a hit with 76 million views, it still failed in the critical acclaim area.

The Witcher had a decent ending to season 1, and maybe the remaining season will finally get the critical acclaim they are expecting.

The Witcher writers sure well know how to confuse the audience. The story kept jumping timelines, and frankly, sometimes we stopped figuring out what is happening and when it’s happening.

But, 100 points for immediately somehow making Ciri meet Geralt and not make three seasons just by showing them take on adventures asking around if they have met the other. Well, in some cases like GOT, it takes seven seasons, which is actually the only annoying thing according to us. So the Lord of the Rings Trilogy wins the best plot.




For a series that is fully bound with magic and sorcery, Lord of the Rings failed to deliver in that area.

While both failed to give a better explanation on how things work in these made-up universes, at least The Witcher had some things to do with magic and not just use the word once in a blue moon and do nothing about it.

The Witcher makes the magicians look so powerful and also gives importance to them as the mages are the ones who decide the fates of the Kingdoms. And magicians like Yennefer and Fringilla show the absolute power and might that magic holds. So The Witcher takes this round!


Source Material


While The Witcher might be a hit with the Netflix audience, will it keep up to a groundbreaking trilogy like Lord of the Rings?

The Witcher was written in the 1980s in Polish and translated to English in 2007. The short stories of Geralt’s adventures soon became a hit, and the book was made into video games.

The series we have now is much from the book and not from the video games, so, we will be following Geralt and his Horse on their adventures.

Lord of the Rings is undeniably the first book that defined the new genre of fantasy fiction. There is no equal in that area. Tolkien did a great job, and the movie adaptation was tastefully done and gave the audience exactly what they wanted.

Even the book readers were happy with how they made it into a movie that will justify every character, which rarely happens. Lord of The Rings takes this round!


Final Verdict


While both have their strengths and weaknesses, we cannot compare one to another on all fronts. Back then, the Trilogy had a different kind of fan base, and now The Witcher has another type of fan base.

While both the Witcher and Lord of the Rings have the right audience and fans, the latter wins on many more fronts.

Lord of the Rings is undoubtedly the most potent fantasy series created, and even with its lacking on some fronts, it will still emerge victoriously.

But it’s also not fair to compare an incomplete series with just one season to a trilogy that broke records. So, maybe the Witcher will pick up the slack from the second season and one day give Lord of the Rings competition on all fronts.

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