The Witcher Season 2: Roach is Dead


The heading itself gives out spoilers, so if you like to keep out of spoilers, then don’t read this article because we assure you that there are more spoilers ahead.

Bad time to be the Horse of Geralt

Roach, the Horse that has seen more beasts and monsters than any other Horse, might die in season 2. It’s not just a rumor anymore; new set photos that have surfaced in the last few days point to this theory.

Henry Cavill, who was seen filming in Frensham Pond, was seen in his battle costume (the Witcher uniform), riding a full black Horse, charging at someone with his sword. But that’s not the only reason why we think Roach is no more.


Bloody October


Back in October, some set photos were released, and in that, Roach was seen covered in fake blood, and the crew members were also seen wiping the blood off the floor and the Horse. When fans looked at it, they didn’t think much.

It is usual for Roach to be covered in blood as Geralt of Rivia takes him along in every journey, and frankly, somehow, he gets hurt in many of those missions. Also, there were many chances that it was the enemy’s blood or that simply Roach walked into a bloodied area, but now seeing Geralt riding a new horse, we are sure that Roach has been replaced.


Soulmate is dead, what to do?

Obviously, the new one is also probably named Roach, and Geralt is sitting and talking to him about the old Roach or some other important parts of his life. Given that now he has Ciri and having a daughter can also give him someone else to talk to, we wonder if Geralt will ever do that.

I mean, the guy’s maximum number of words in one scene is less than that of a screeching beast. Also, there were separate scenes shot by the crew for season 2. One of which is Geralt killing the Nilfgaardian soldiers who were slaughtering innocent villagers and another one of Yennefer and Ciri.


No more timeline mumbo-jumbo?

Now that all the series’ timeline has come to a junction, we can expect no more timeline confusions, we guess; seriously, there is no telling with this series.

But Ciri and Yennefer together, meaning that Geralt and Ciri were finally able to find Yennefer after the battle of Sodden. So that means she is alive and well and has also met Geralt after a long time; we hope she is happy to see him and not try to kill him.

These two might be the worst but gorgeous couple in the drama world.

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