Mieruko-chan Episode 5 Release Date And Spoilers: Miko And Hana Visit a Holy Shrine!

With a simple yet interesting premise, Mieruko-chan has been quite refreshing to watch and has caught the attention of a good sizable audience. The storyline follows a girl who is able to see ghosts and despite being terrified of them, she tries to cope by pretending she can’t see them. 

So far, we’ve seen that Miko is still trying to come to terms with the fact that ghosts pop up in front of her everywhere she goes. People around her have started noticing her odd behavior, even her family. Her brother is also concerned and starts keeping an eye on her to ensure that she’s okay. 

After Episode 4’s twist at the end and a surprising reveal about her family, we wonder if Mieruko-chan Episode 5 will be just as good. Are you also curious about what will happen in the upcoming episode? Continue to read to find out! 

Mieruko-chan Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of Mieruko-chan is scheduled to release on Sunday, October 31st, 2021. It will be out at 10 PM Japan Standard Time (JST). 

Recap of Mieruko-chan Episode 4


In Episode 4 of Mieruko-chan, we saw how Miko has started talking in her sleep, which her brother notices. At a scene in the convenience store, she purchases a chestnut pudding and while making her payment at the cashier, she catches sight of another ghost at the counter. 


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Later, when she’s back at home watching a horror TV special about haunted pictures with Kyousuke, she gets spooked and goes out to buy something from the vending machine. As she goes to pick up the coin she dropped under the machine, she sees a tiny man ghost.

 However, when she deliberately drops her coin a second time to look at the cute tiny ghost, she encounters a bigger one instead. She is saved by a crow as she is forced to chase it after it steals her money. 

Kyousuke starts noticing that his sister has been acting strangely and tries to make sure in his own way that she’s alright. But it’s not only him, Miko’s family also notices her weird behaviour when she again sees a giant ghost at breakfast. 

Before leaving for school, she takes her chestnut pudding from the fridge and places it at her father’s funeral altar. Her father confesses that he wanted to apologize for eating her pudding but that he never got the chance to do so. We realize at this moment that her dad is a ghost and has been one this whole time. 


What Can We Expect From Mieruko-chan Episode 5? 

The events of the previous episode are adapted from Chapters 6 to 9 of the manga. So, we can expect Mieruko-chan Episode 5 to be based on the next few chapters of the manga. 

In Chapter 10, Hana meets a child crying on the road as his dog ran off into a cursed building. The place is apparently known by locals for being haunted and it has been  abandoned because everytime they tried to demolish it, accidents would keep on happening. Although terrified, Hana saves the dog and returns it to the boy who happily thanks her. 

When she meets Miko, as they’d planned to watch a movie, Miko notices a big monstrous figure following behind Hana and in Chapter 11, she changes plans to instead visit a holy shrine.


When they reach the place, Hana is oblivious and rants about how beautiful the place is saying it gives off Ghibli vibes. Meanwhile, Miko profusely prays for the creepy thing following Hana to disappear. 

Two ghostly apparitions seem to appear in the form of identical twins who attack the creepy monster. But the final destruction is executed by a gigantic shining entity who Miko assumes is a god as it devours the creepy monster. These events are probably going to be the content for the upcoming episode. 

Where to Watch Mieruko-chan Episode 5 Online? 

You can watch Mieruko-chan Episode 5 and the other episodes of the series on sites such as Funimation and Wakanim

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