Minato Namikaze: Unknown Facts About The Fourth Hokage


From being called the Hidden Leaf’s Yellow Flash to being the kindest and humble Hokage, Minato Namikaze won our hearts even with limited screen time.

Every time Minato came on screen, we were nothing but happy to see Naruto meet his father. With the limited time, the Anime had to show his story and powers now and then; it is normal to miss some facts about the Lord Fourth.

Even though the Fourth Ninja war gave us the gift of seeing all the previous Hokages in action, here are some things you may have missed.


Young Love

Minato might be the youngest Ninja we saw on-screen fall in love at a very young age. It was a given with his good looks and humble and quiet nature.

Minato and Kushina fell in love at the age of 12. By the time Naruto was born, and they faced their death, they were 24.




Ever wonder where Kakashi got his weird habit of reading Pervy Sage’s Pervy books? Well, look no further, it was from Minato.

Maybe Kakashi is more like Minato than we thought. Minato’s love for the book might be because his Sensei wrote it. He and Kushina even named their child Naruto after the book.



Not only did Minato have more chakra for an average shinobi, but he also had the gift of wielding three chakra natures Wind, Lightning, and Fire.

These were not shown in the Anime but are recorded in the manga. Well, he didn’t become the Fourth Hokage that soon for his unique Hair color!


Ambidextrous Shinobi

Not only is Minato fast and smart, but he is also one of the on-screen shinobi whom we saw use both his left and right hand to battle.

Well, even without them both, he was able to throw his Kunai accurately with his mouth. That just goes to show why he was chosen over Orochimaru.

Life and Death

Minato Namikaze Parents

Minato, unlike Naruto, has completed over 800 missions. He also became a Jinchuriki in his final moments when he sealed half of Kurama inside him.

With him doing the sealing techniques in the last moments of his life, we saw that he was well aware of the methods, which were just the Uzumaki clan’s specialty.

Minato also attained Sage modes like his master and son, and he could do it way faster than they can.


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