The Witcher: Length of the Anime Film Revealed



As announced already, The Witcher will get a live-action limited prequel series called the Blood Origin and an anime feature film called Nightmare of the Wolf.

Live-action and Anime!

The prequel is set to start filming this summer, while the anime is expected to be released before the premiere of the second season of the Witcher.

While the prequel is set 1000 plus years ago before the Witcher’s current timeline, the anime film will deal with the story of Vesemir, the mentor of Geralt.

Since Vesemir will be making his debut in the Netflix series during the second season, the anime film will give a proper introduction and explain the past Vesemir.


Witcher History


Vesemir saw the siege of Kaer Morhen and have seen the Witchers go through the Trial of Grasses. He was first introduced in the Book of Elves, and the author didn’t explore the roots of Vesemir much.

It is speculated that Netflix will dig deep and bring in the story of Vesemir. In a now-deleted synopsis by Netflix, it is clear that the anime film will revolve around Vesemir before his live-action debut in The Witcher. Kim Bodina of Killing Eve has been cast to play the live-action role.

Netflix description, “Long before mentoring Geralt, Vesemir begins his journey as a Witcher after the mysterious Deglan claims him through the Law of Surprise.”


Run Time Revealed!


Thanks to Netflix, fans have found out the run time of the anime film. A Twitter user pointed out that Netflix has marked the film’s runtime on the Film’s page in Netflix.

According to the screenshot, the movie will run for one hour twenty-one minutes. This comes as good news to fans who have been patiently waiting for the second season to drop on Netflix this year.

According to some reports, the Witcher season two will come to Netflix this December, even after many obstacles. If that’s the case, then we might get to see the anime any time before that.

With Vesemir’s life also involving Geralt and the other Witchers, there are chances that we might get to know little if not some information about Geralt’s past in the Witcher school.






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