Money Heist- After Berlin And Nairobi, Who’s Next?

The squad of Money heist S5

Following the death of Berlin in season 2 and Nairobi in season 4, fans were heartbroken. What’s in store for the team in season 5? Money Heist is incomplete without its gripping plot and suspense filled scenes. With the advancement of the story, fans are certain that this would be the end for some of their beloved characters.

(Major spoiler ahead)

In S5, Gandia and Sagasta wage war against the gang within the bank and trap them. Minutes before this, Stockholm shoots Arturo in the heat as he attacks from within the Armory. Arturo is quickly evacuated from the bank of Spain and is taken to the hospital.


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As unfortunate as it is, S5 is the end for Tokyo and Gandia. Tokyo is no longer alive. She lies lifeless on the floor after being brutally shot by Gandia and the military squad. Rio drills a hole through the ground but is unsuccessful in pulling Tokyo down that hole but is just in time to see her one last time. As Tokyo takes her last breath, she pulls the pins of four of her body bombs and as she watches Gandia who stands on top of her, she takes him with her. He is barely able to give out a cry of alert before they explode and lead to the end of Tokyo and Gandia.  Fans are left sorrowful on the passing of one of the most beloved characters of Money Heist. The last episode is filled with memories and flashbacks of the times the professor and Rio spent with Tokyo.

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