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Moon Knight Could Potentially Be The Most Versatile Hero of Marvel

Is Moon Knight Season 2 Happening?

New Introductions In The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, gave new details about the MCU at the 2019 Disney D23 Expo. One of these was the announcement of Marvel’s new series for Disney Plus, called Moon Knight.

This means that the MCU will finally get to introduce Khonshu’s son, Marc Spector to audiences. Spector is an interesting character who is not only complex, but it also attracts attention in his own right.

About Moon Knight

The series is made in a way to suit a wide range of stories and their formats. They are small and contain street adventures or include a white-costumed hero going into the cosmos and parallel realities.

Moon Knight is a member of many different super-teams in addition to being someone who takes part in several crossover events. He is also quite versatile when it comes to partnerships, narratives, and other concepts, almost making seem like a typical Swiss-army knife.

Due to this, his character will not only be able to interact well with others in the MCU, but also contribute to the development of the Marvel franchise in the future.

Marc Spector in the MCU

Regardless of the different ways in which Spector’s character has been portrayed by Marvel Studios. The very fact that Moon Knight has been able to seamlessly integrate into almost all the corners of the Marvel Universe suggests that he will able to do so into the well-established status quo as well.

Credits: Raf Grasseti

Additionally, this exploration of Moon Knight could also affect different aspects of the future of MCU.

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