Most Destructive Anime Heroes

Here is everything you need to know about the most destructive anime heroes.

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Saitama: One-Punch ManSaitama: One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man’s Saitama can defeat everyone he fights with a single punch. However, Saitama doesn’t just knock out the villains foolish enough to fight him — the force of his punches explodes the villains’ bodies.

When Saitama faces the Fish King in Season 1, Saitama punches the villain so hard that he creates a hole in his chest. Every other hero — including Genos, who is an S-ranked hero — fell at the hands of the Fish King. Saitama is so powerful that the Fish King doesn’t even stand a chance. It’s a miracle Saitama’s punches only destroy villains, considering how easily he can damage everything else around him.

Roy Mustang: Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodRoy Mustang: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Roy Mustang’s flame alchemy has a lot of weaknesses. But that doesn’t make it any less destructive. He can’t produce flames when his ignition gloves are wet or destroyed. But he’s shown that he can easily get around those weaknesses.

When fighting Lust, Mustang can create flames by carving an alchemy symbol into his hand. Even with her regeneration, she can’t stand against the explosive flames produced by Mustang. Not to mention, Mustangs can continuously attack without stopping.

Gojo: Jujutsu KaisenGojo: Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen is a hero who knows he’s powerful and isn’t afraid to show it off. His sorcerer skills aren’t strong enough to destroy an entire planet. During the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc, Gojo nearly single-handedly ends the fight by creating a giant blast of energy that destroys the entire forest.

Gojo also destroyed Juzo’s body by just looking at him. Juzo isn’t the only cursed spirit Gojo shows zero mercy toward. Gojo toyed with Jogo during their fight, and he finished the cursed spirit off by ripping his head off.

Whitebeard: One PieceWhitebeard: One Piece

Being the famous pirate captain in One Piece, it makes sense that Whitebeard would have one of the most powerful Devil Fruit powers. His abilities come from the Gura Gura no Mi fruit. It gives him the ability to create shockwaves and quakes.

These earthquakes aren’t small, either, the quakes can destroy entire islands. According to Sengoku, the power from Whitebeard’s quakes can potentially destroy the entire world. Whitebeard can even create shockwaves that travel through the air.

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Eren: Attack On Titan
Eren: Attack On Titan

Eren from Attack on Titan wants to save his friends from the threat of Titans. His need to protect the people closest to him is noble until he decides the only way to protect his home is to destroy the rest of the world.

The power of the Rumbling that Eren unleashes is completely unstoppable. The heat generated from the massive Colossal Titans alone can disintegrate people in a matter of seconds.

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