Most Disappointing MHA Heroes

Here is everything you need to know about the most disappointing MHA Heroes.


Currently sitting as the number one hero of Japan, Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor, is a man of ambition so great. He pushed his children to try and beat his rival, All Might, in becoming a better hero. Not only did his ambition lead to abuse in his family, but also lead to him having a cold personality toward others as well.

While he still had fans, Endeavor would always act like he didn’t care about them and would even glare at them. His personality even leads an aspiring hero, Inasa Yoarashi, to hate him and his family. It even drove his eldest son, Touya, to become a villain.

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Laundry Hero: WashLaundry Hero: Wash

Wash considers himself to be a child-friendly hero that primarily does support. However, while he is good at support, Wash one to head straight to danger even though his Quirk isn’t best for combat situations.

While Wash can be seen as admirable for going to battle. He can also make things difficult for other heroes as they need to defend him or work around the bubbles he creates to entrap villains. Also while his bubbles can be considered as strong. It is unknown if they can withstand a sharp instrument that various villains will have with or beyond their Quirks.

Mt. LadyMt. Lady

Mt. Lady is a pro-hero more well known for the amount of destruction she causes during her battles and her rivalry with fellow hero Kamui Woods. As one of the first heroes viewers see in action in the show, it is to be expected that she would have some sensibility and responsibility with her work.

Unfortunately, Mt. Lady is anything but sensible in hero work as she is shown to be lazy outside the physical aspects of the job. Even though her work is a step above police work, she sees it more as an overall popularity contest.

All MightAll Might

All Might is a hero that doesn’t understand subtlety, both in her work and as a teacher at U.A. High. Because of the position he set himself in, he set expectations for heroes that were so high. It became difficult for even him to meet them before he lost One For All.

He expects that others should be able to match them as he did, especially his successor, Izuku. This leads him to be admired while others aren’t quite good enough despite being in the same occupation with different abilities.

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Pixie-Bob, a civilian name Ryuko Tsuchikawa, is a hero in the team Wild, Wild Pussycats. While her Quirk is greatly suited for the team’s mountain rescue specialization. Her hyperactive personality and search for romantic love make situations with other heroes, and undoubtedly civilians strained.

Pixie-Bob tends to let the excitement of her current interests get in the way of social situations. Upon first introduction, she even displays her fondness for younger heroes, especially the stronger members of class 1-A.

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