Dandadan Chapter 33 Release Date and Spoilers

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Well, Dandadan Chapter 33 is going to be something either excitingly wholesome or a crazy thriller ride. Finally, the trio made it to Jiji’s house to exorcise the spirit but it seems like a new adventure also awaits. Furthermore, the fans can’t wait for the next chapter and their eagerness is only giving rise to more anticipation.

Well, we don’t have the next chapter but we do have the release date and other details that will help you prepare for the next chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 33 Release Date:

Dandadan Chapter 33 is all set to release on November 22, 2021. You can expect it to be on time as there’s no information regarding any delays.

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A Recap of Dandadan Chapter 32:

On their way to Jiji’s cursed house, the trio play ’Old Maid’ to pass the time and have some fun.  In the process, also poking Okkarun on how bad he is at the game but it looks like his attention is somewhere else. Turns out, his insecurities start to brewing up because Momo is genuinely enjoying her old friend’s company.

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He tries to shake off that feeling by focusing on how to get his nuts back when Momo interrupts him. As Okkarun was lost in his thoughts, he impulsively answered ‘my nut’ when Momo asked him what’s wrong. Upon listening to that answer, she laughs and Jiji is once again thrown into confusion. 

The entirety of the journey went like that i.e. Okkarun starts to get insecure about Momo so he tells a strange story about kappas and monsters. However, the surprising thing was that Jiji was really interested and they got to have a good conversation on the topic. 

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This only made Jiji more likeable and this time, Okkarun was thrown into confusion. Unable to process the whole situation, Okkarun begins to do what he’s best at – being awkward. 

After strolling in the city for a while and getting to know about it a bit, Jiji takes his friends to his home. After a long steep climb of what seemed to be innumerable stairs, they finally reached their destination. But, something didn’t seem right as several people came out from the woods after the trio went inside.

What Can You Expect In Dandadan Chapter 33?

At first glance, the people who were hiding in the woods did seem suspicious. But again, given the eccentricities in the manga, they can be inhabitants of the locality too. Still, no speculation can be made as the story can go anywhere from here.

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Dandadan Chapter 33 will unravel who these happy-looking strange people are and we might also get to see the spirit Jiji was talking about. Now, all we do have is to wait for yet another week.

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Where To Read It?

The latest chapters of Dandadan can be read on Viz and Shueisha’s MangaPlus


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