Most-Favorited Female Characters (According To MyAnimeList)

Here is everything you need to know about the most-favorited female characters (according to MyAnimeList).

Yuno GasaiYuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai is anime’s most famous yandere. As the surprising protagonist of The Future Diary, this pink-haired crazy girl immediately caught the attention of most of the fans watching the series.

That’s because not only is she cute to look at, but her psychopathic nature is a complete foil to her looks. She has one target of obsession – Yukiteru and she goes to great lengths to keep him safe, including killing people.

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Megumin is one of the many protagonists of the anime series KonoSuba. She is a powerful archwizard who, despite her strength and strong lineage, knows only one skill – explosion magic. She’s obstinate, as consistently shown by her refusal to learn new tricks.

She is eccentric and in your face. She loves being dramatic and can be seen regularly boasting about her skills. However, when she’s backed into a corner, she immediately drops her act.

Hitagi SenjougaharaHitagi Senjougahara

It is not a surprise to see the lead female character of Bakemonogatari in this list. She is frail-looking because of a mysterious disease. Her harsh words keep people away from her, but most people never notice the sincerity in her words.

She calls herself a tsundere, although she’s a Kuudere in reality. Her manner of speaking is quite abusive, and by the end of the events in Tsukihi Phoenix, she becomes a lovable person.


Mikasa Ackerman needs no introduction. As one of the strongest female characters in anime, she is understandably a favorite of many fans.

She harbors strong one-sided feelings for Eren, but that has never come in the way of her duty as a soldier defending her people from the might of the Titans. She is strong and kind, and incredibly skilled at various fighting styles.


Rem is a maid who works for Roswaal L Mathers, along with her twin sister. Despite her polite speech and appearance, she’s shown to be rash and extremely violent when the situation arises.

She does not hesitate in dispensing her duties, whatever the cost. Rem has an inferiority complex because of her sister, whom she holds in high regard. She is eventually shown to fall in love with the show’s protagonist, Subaru.

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Kurisu MakiseKurisu Makise

Definitely a surprise entry, Kurisu is the female lead of the sci-fi anime Steins; Gate. The Victor Qondria University’s Brain Research Program has her as its research member, and she’s popular in America because of her thesis papers.

She is a teenager who is strong, confident, and extremely intelligent. Her curiosity often lands her in trouble and she is shown to be a classic tsundere.

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