Most Popular Bleach Characters

Here is everything you need to know about the most popular Bleach characters.

Captain Kenpachi ZarakiCaptain Kenpachi Zaraki

Captain Kenpachi was introduced in the Soul Society story arc as an antagonistic brute, but even then, Bleach fans loved this character. Kenpachi is bloody and aggressive, but he follows a code of honor. Best of all, he’s a protective tsundere foster father for Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi.

Bleach fans found a lot to like about Kenpachi, from his emphasis on raw strength and reckless courage in battle to his surprisingly nuanced mentality. He’s not just strong, he’s also afraid that he’ll never unlock his zanpakuto’s true power, and he dreads the idea of anyone, like Nnoitora Gilga, hurting Yachiru.

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Orihime InoueOrihime Inoue

Many anime fans deride Orihime Inoue for being a “useless” and annoying side character whose sole purpose is to shout Ichigo’s name in worry during battles. Orihime does do that, but she is often underestimated by the anime community.

Orihime isn’t just Ichigo’s cheerleader. She has remarkable spiritual powers no other Bleach character can match, and she’s a very responsible and reliable deredere who’s mature beyond her years. Orihime is also brave and loyal despite lacking a Zanpakuto, making her a hugely underrated Shonen hero.

Yoruichi ShihoinYoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shihoin once commanded Squad 2 as its cat-themed assassin Captain, but she gave it all up to save her scientist friend Kisuke Urahara from certain doom. That endeared Yoruichi to Bleach fans since she will gladly risk everything for a friend.

Yoruichi is also loved for her goofy but confident attitude, with her delivering one-liners and deadly kicks with equal ease. She also amused Bleach fans with her antics in that cat form, and she also cheers up everyone with her easygoing personality and cheerful ways on and off the battlefield.

Lieutenant Rangiku MatsumotoLieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto

Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto is a strong contender for Bleach’s Best Girl. Mostly because of her entertaining personality and her mature beauty. Rangiku is a fun-loving extrovert who loves to tease her Captain like a playful big sister.

Rangiku isn’t a total gag character, though, because she is serious about providing emotional support to anyone who needs her. She also has a complicated relationship with Gin Ichimaru.

Rukia KuchikiRukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki is Bleach’s #1 character in several different ways. She was the first character to appear in Bleach’s publication. She was also the first character who author Tite Kubo designed. All Soul Reapers were inspired by Rukia’s initial concept as a black-robed, sword-slinging warrior.

Rukia is also the Bleach fandom’s #1 favorite character. Like Ichigo, Rukia is a tough, charming tsundere with a heart, and she is equally likely to yell at and cry for her friends. Rukia also has more qualities as a petite, beautiful young lady who looks good in many different outfits.

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