Original Anime Movie ‘Kimi Wa Kanata’ Releases Trailer and Cast


The official website for the Digital Network Animation’s original anime film Kimi wa Kanata (‘You Are Beyond’) unveiled a new trailer on Monday, as well as a key visual, the final cast members, and additional staff. The trailer featured the film’s theme song Shunkan Dramatic (‘Dramatic Moment’) by the rock band Saji (formerly known as ‘phatmans after school’)

Here are the new cast members that were introduced:

Mori Obaa-chan: Mari Natsuki

Mogari: Naoto Takenaka

Orika: Anna Tsuchiya

Sachi Miyamasu: Nobuko Sendō

Lost and Found Officer: Takehiro Kimoto

Actors Honoka Matsumoto (After the Rain, Mio on the Shore, Atypical Crime Investigator) and Toshiki Seto (Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders, Kaiji: Final Game) star as Mio Mayamasu and Arata Kishimo respectively.


Original Character Design: Haaon
Chief Animation Director, Character Design: Tomoyuki Abe
Animation Producer: Takashi Asami
Art Director: Shinji Katahira
Color Design: Mizuho Yamada
Director of Photography: Yutaka Nagaushi
Editing: Masahiro Gotou
Sound Director: Yoshinobu Sena
Music: Tatsuhiko Saiki
Music Producer: Kagenobu Kuwabata
Effects: Yasuyuki Konno

Watch the new trailer here:

The movie will premiere in theatres in Japan on 27th November.

It features two childhood friends—Mio and Arata and is set in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district (the poster shows the two of them at the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station). Mio, who has feelings for Arata, has never been able to tell him how she feels about him. One day, they have a fight over a trivial issue. When Mio goes to make up with Arata in the pouring rain, she gets into a traffic accident. After she regains consciousness, she finds herself in an unfamiliar and mysterious world.

Yoshinobu Sena (Vampire Holmes, Neko-mo, Onda-Ke), in his theatrical anime directorial debut, has both directed the movie and written the script. He is also credited with creating the original concept.



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